This week was a double elimination diva-off. Let’s jump right in…

Jennel Garcia was up first, singing Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary.” She danced like a pro around the stage, with back-up dancers and a sexy fringe top. L.A. said “That smoked.” Simon said, “You’re back on your game. It’s like a different person.”

First for the over 25s was last week’s highest ranked contestant, Tate Stevens. He sang Shania Twain’s “From This Moment On” and it was a beautiful, powerful performance. Britney said, “So heartfelt, I love it.” Demi said, “You were so good” through gritted teeth. Simon said, “That was better than last week. I think you’ve got confidence now. I would be happy to write you that [five million dollar winner’s] check.” He dedicated the performance to his wife in typical, adorable Tate fashion.

Britney announced that her first “diva” on stage was Diamond White. She performed “Halo” by Beyonce, and while it seemed like a good choice, I thought she sounded only okay. L.A. said he liked it, but “you picked a really tough song. I was concerned, you started out shaky.” Demi said, “You give the rest of the competition a run for their money.” Simon noticed her rough beginning too, saying, “My advice is don’t walk and sing at the same time. The second half was better than the first.” Britney simply said, “You just keep getting better and it amazes me every time.”

Another Teen took the stage next: Beatrice Miller, who sang Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time.” What bothered me the most was how they chopped up the whole song in order to have her sing the chorus more than once. L.A. said, “How are you 13 and you have that kind of voice? I don’t think it was the greatest song choice though.” Demi said, “You are so freaking adorable. I didn’t know you could sound so soulful.” Simon said, “I think it was better than last week. But I thought the song was boring.” Britney shot back, “She has more talent in her pinky than you do in all of your contestants.”

The first of the Groups was Lyric 145, who sang a mash-up of Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Simon informed everyone before the performance that the song had been changed the night before. L.A. said, “I’m concerned. I just think you guys have lost your way.” Britney told Simon she didn’t like the song choice, and Demi agreed, saying, “I don’t feel like E.T. fit at all. I don’t get it.” Simon ignored the other judges and commended his mentees, saying, “You guys never complain. You bring an energy that this show needs.”

Last week’s second-to-last ranked contestant was Arin Ray, who sang Madonna’s “Crazy For You,” seemingly to Fifth Harmony’s Normani (whom he’s been rumored to be dating). L.A. said, “I’m really struggling. I dig you, but I didn’t get a five million dollar performance.” Demi agreed, saying, “I was honestly really bored watching it.” Simon said, “It just didn’t seem like you were into it. I think you could be in trouble tonight.” Britney stood up for her contestant, defending her song choice and telling Arin, “I feel like you nailed it.”

Getting back to the Young Adults, Paige Thomas took the stage, singing “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. She put on a lovely, flashy performance, but in truth, I could barely hear her half the time. L.A. said, “You get a pass, because that was your best yet.” Britney said, “It was like a disco ball exploded on stage.” Simon agreed with L.A., but felt that Demi made a mistake, saying, “I think the choreography was very distracting, you needed to be in the spotlight.” Demi disregarded his comments, saying, “You nailed it!”

Fifth Harmony took on Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” donning all-white get-ups. They all seemed to be channeling the fabulous diva. L.A. said, “Here’s the thing: There’s something really lovable about all of you. It turned into a really great performance.” Britney said, “I think Simon is doing amazing with you guys.” Demi simply said, “Your vocals just killed it.” Simon looked like a proud father, saying, “Maybe there’s a chance that five girls with brilliant voices could win this show.”

The final Teen to perform was none other than Carly Rose Sonenclar, who took on Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On.” As usual, she completely nailed it. L.A. said, “We could be looking at the winner.” Demi said, “You’re so good. I feel like Celine Dion is here and she’s hiding.” Simon once again questioned her age, then said, “I don’t believe you’re a human being.” Britney beamed, and said, “I have chills all over my body.”

Vino Alan was up next, and he sang “Let’s Stay Together” by Al Green. Britney said, “Your voice is so soulful, it just doesn’t make sense that that voice comes out of your body.” Demi wasn’t as much of a fan, saying, “I liked this performance better than last week, but at the same time I have to admit I was a little bored.” Simon said, “Your voice is designed for what I call “a moment,” and that song wasn’t it. You need bigger kinds of songs.” L.A. comforted Vino, saying “You sang it so strong. You have a classic voice. One of the very best I’ve heard on this stage.”

Singing Alicia Keys’ “No One” was the boys of Emblem3. L.A. was thrilled, saying, “You guys have the perfect vocal blend. You are exactly what this show needs.” Britney said, “You guys are complete heartthrobs,” and Demi added, “It was definitely better than last week.” Simon told them they were going to move up in the rankings, saying, “It was absolutely brilliant.”

Finally, CeCe Frey tried to come back from her last-place-ranking. She sang “All By Myself” L.A. said, “I’m at a loss for words. It’s an improvement. [But] I don’t like your dress.” Britney simply said, “Sorry, I just don’t get it.” Simon said, “I like you because you’re a tryer. But for whatever reason, you’re not getting it together.” Demi went down with her girl, saying, “I feel like they’re being way too hard on you.”

I hope you voted… tune in tomorrow to find out which two get cut!