Tonight began the second week of live shows, once again hosted by Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian-Odom. This time, however, we finally got the chance to weigh in, instead of just yelling at the TV and sounding off on Twitter. But first, the biggest surprise: the top 12 became the top 13 with the return of Teen Diamond White. The theme for the week was “Songs from the Movies.”

First to perform was Teen Arin Ray. He sang “American Boy” which was played in the movie Obsessed. The performance featured Arin and his dancers in a motorcycle-racing theme. L.A. said, “You’re a different person than the first time I met you.” Demi said, “I’m a little speechless. This week you were definitely more smooth. And you look like a star up there.” Simon said, “Britney, you’ve done a really, really good job with this guy. You’re turning into a little popstar.” Britney simple said, “You owned it. You rocked it.” Even Mario felt the need to add, “Nice rapping.”

For the Young Adults, Paige Thomas was the first to go on stage. She started off suspended, looking like an angel in the clouds. She sang “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun while some guy groped her. L.A. said, “I’m not completely blown away. But I really want great from you.” Britney said, “I felt like the beginning was the best part. You had so much passion.” Simon said, “You don’t want to turn this into a karaoke competition.” Demi sarcastically replied to Simon, then added, “It was so beautiful.”

Vino Alan was first for the Over 25s, singing “When A Man Loves A Woman,” from the movie of the same name. He was alone on a dark stage, just him and his soulful voice. Britney spoke first, saying, “It was really, really strong.” Demi said, “I’m so impressed with how you just poured your heart and soul into that,” and Simon added, “You went from zero to hero in one week.” He shot back at Demi for saying she didn’t think he was “a number one artist.” L.A. said, “You nailed it and I couldn’t be happier.” Vino, ever the gentleman, politely thanked each of them for their positive and negative comments.

Those adorable beach boys of Emblem3 sang a mash-up of “My Girl” (from the movie of the same name) mixed with Katy Perry’s “California Girl” and the instrumentals from One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” Whew! L.A. said, “You guys are actually perfect. I don’t know what to say.” Britney said, “I was really blown away at the way you were able to make the song(s) your own.” Demi continued her banter with Simon, saying, “If I had been your mentor I wouldn’t have plugged another one of my artists that you could be compared to.” Simon shot back, “They only had one day to rehearse this. I think you did an outstanding job.”

The lion-haired Beatrice Miller had overused her voice prior to tonight’s show, but managed to do all right considering. She sang the Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris” from City of Angels, and once again they dressed her up like a rag doll, in a bunch of scraps and a Union Jack coat. L.A. praised her, saying, “The tone of your voice sounds like a hit record.” Demi added, “The way that you pour your soul into your songs blows my mind. I know that I can connect to you.” Simon said, “You’re not like someone who’s 13. [It was a] very difficult song to sing.” Britney said, “I feel like you have the best personality out of anyone in this competition.”

Jennel Garcia sang “I Love Rock ‘N Roll,” a song that Britney covered in her career for her movie Crossroads. While I thought she seemed like a rockstar, the judges weren’t all impressed with the electric guitars and flashing lights. L.A. said, “Yes, it was good, but it seemed like a Joan Jett parody.” Britney disagreed, saying it was “Hot hot hot.” Simon remarked, “I don’t like what Demi has done to the way you look. You are unrecognizable.” He agreed with L.A. about the lack of originality. Demi interrupted Simon and told him off, congratulating her mentee.

Family man Tate Stevens sang “Wanted Dead or Alive” which seemed like an appropriate choice, and it felt like I was watching the CMT awards, or any other country concert. Britney said, “You definitely are a true cowboy. You’re a slice of America.” Demi said, “I love you on and off stage. You look like you’re having so much fun.” Simon said, “Tonight it feels like you’ve arrived back in this competition. I like giving guys like you a break.” L.A. was pleased, saying, “I hope America votes for you, my friend.”

The next Group was Lyric 145, who did a song from Mary Poppins. Wait, what? You read that right, and I bet you know which one: “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” It was hilarious, colorful, and a little trippy. Scratch that – a lot trippy. It was quite a performance, that can’t be denied. L.A. contradicted himself, saying, “First of all I completely hated it. But the truth is, I think I’m going crazy, because it was really good.” Britney added, “Your theatrics were really really intriguing.” Demi simply said, “You guys got me so hyped!” Simon added that the group picked their own song, saying, “It was an incredibly great choice of song. You were bloody fantastic.”

After being eliminated last week Diamond White got a second chance. She sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” from her movie The Bodyguard. L.A. said, “I thought that was an ambitious song choice. You brought it home girl.” Demi said, “I’m trying really hard not to cry. That just tugged at my heart.” Simon said, “This just proves dreams can come true. I’m so happy you’re back.” Britney added, “I feel like you definitely channeled Whitney in that performance, and she would be proud.”

CeCe Frey sang “Eye of the Tiger” from Rocky and um… hello, auto-tuning? She was accompanied on stage by a bunch of army-fatigued dancers, and her old leopard spots came out to play. L.A. said, “The ending was really strong. But for whatever reason, the sum total of it all didn’t blow me away.” Britney disagreed, saying “You brought it. You were really courageous.” Simon wasn’t impressed, saying (among other things), “This song choice was just horrible.” Demi stood up for CeCe, saying she chose the song herself and adding, “I think it’s important for everyone to see how far you’ve come.”

America’s sweetheart Carly Rose Sonenclar sang “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. Her voice amazes me every time I hear her, and she even teared up at the end, breaking my heart. L.A. said, “It was heartfelt. It was honest.” Demi said, “This is you in your element. I would watch this over and over again.” Simon said, “You gave it so much, and you have such guts for someone your age.” Finally, her mentor, Britney, praised her, saying, “Nobody can follow that.”

Jason Brock sang “I Believe I Can Fly” from the movie Space Jam. I thought he did a pretty good job, and I so wanted to love it, even with the gospel choir as back-up.The judges felt similarly to me: Britney said, “It’s definitely an improvement from last week. But I felt like it was a Vegas lounge act.” Demi said, “I feel like L.A. hasn’t really guided you in the direction that you are as an artist. Very predictable, very cabaret.” Simon said (in what was allegedly a dig at the singers’ weight), “I like you, but I don’t believe you could fly. Maybe jump a few inches” L.A. disagreed with his peers, telling Jason, “You CAN fly, my friend.”

The final act of the night was Fifth Harmony, formerly known as 1432, formerly known as LYLAS. The girls sang another song from Breaking Dawn, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. They did their usual thing where they sit in chairs, cross one heeled foot over the other, and move their hands while they sang, but overall I liked it. L.A. said, “I was impressed with your singing. I think you nailed it.” Britney said, “You guys just shined the whole way,” and Demi added, “I loved your vocals.” Simon said, “I think there’s something incredibly exciting about your potential.”

I hope everyone voted! Tune in tomorrow to find out who was sent home.