Tonight’s X-Factor was a little different: The Top 13 became the top 12, and the results revealed where each act placed in America’s hearts. But first, Simon Cowell’s favorite British boys performed their new hit single “Live While We’re Young.” That’s right, One Direction, of the UK X-Factor fame, stole the stage, and I tried not to fan-girl too hard. (Despite wishing I was one of the teens in the pit who got to touch their hands…)

After a clip of each performance and the judge’s reactions, the contestants and their mentors all took the stage. Then, Mario and Khloe announced six of the acts who had made it through (but were very clear to stress that this was NOT in order of who had the most votes): Teen Arin Ray, Young Adult Paige Thomas, Teen Diamond White, Over 25 Vino Alan, Young Adult Jennel Garcia, and Group Emblem3.

Then it was time for an encore performance by One Direction, after seeing a tribute to their journey (basically, a plug for Simon’s baby, The (original) X-Factor). They sang their latest single, a ballad called “Little Things,” and this time I didn’t suppress any of my emotions. (It’s a good thing my roommate’s an even bigger 1D fan than I am.)

After more commercials to delay the inevitable, the hosts announced the remaining five who were safe: Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, Over 25 Tate Stevens, Teen Beatrice Miller, Group Lyric 145, and Group Fifth Harmony. So that left Young Adult CeCe Frey and Over 25 Jason Brock to sing for the final spot in the top 12.

Before her mentee performed, Demi said, “I think CeCe’s voice is going to say it all. I think she’s such a strong singer.” CeCe sang Cher’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” very appropriately. Then L.A. introduced Mr. Entertainment, who sang, “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

It was up to the judges to decide who they wanted to eliminate: Demi picked Jason, L.A. said CeCe, Britney picked CeCe, and finally, Simon chose to send home Jason. So they went to deadlock, which meant the act with the lowest number of votes went home. And it turned out that was Jason. L.A. came up on stage and said, “I’m still proud of him. Every time he sings, it’s from the hard. I’m sad to see you go.” Jason thanked him, calling him “a legend,” and then told the audience, “I did it for the gays and Japan.”

Finally, in a television competition show first, the hosts revealed exactly how each act went up against each other in the number of votes received. Here’s the score board:

12th place: CeCe Frey

11th place: Arin Ray

10th place: Beatrice Miller

9th place: Lyric 145

8th place: Paige Thomas

7th place: Jennel Garcia

6th place: Emblem3

5th place: Fifth Harmony

4th place: Diamond White

3rd place: Vino Alan

2nd place: Carly Rose Sonenclar

and 1st place: Tate Stevens

Thanks for reading! Next Wednesday, the top 12 will perform, and once again you’ll have your chance to vote. So be sure to tune in!