Welcome to yet another double elimination night on The X-Factor. After a recap of last night’s performances (are these getting longer or is it just me?), the first contestant was sent home: Young Adult Paige Thomas. I was really surprised: Of all of the contestants, she was definitely one who stood out as a pop star that could really be marketed. The young mom took it all in stride, though.

Then there was a performance by Josh Krajcik, who was the runner-up contestant on the first season of The X-Factor USA. He sang his own song, “One Thing She’ll Never Know.” He has a similar feel to Vino Alan, sort-of a bluesy, soulful voice that you might picture hearing in a dark bar.

The remaining acts came back out on stage with their mentors as usual, and Mario and Khloe announced who was safe: Group Fifth Harmony, Young Adult Cece Frey, Group Emblem 3, Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Over 25 Tate Stevens. That meant that Teen Diamond White and Over 25 Vino Alan had to sing for their survival.

Before they could sing though, the gorgeous and immensely-talented Alicia Keys took the stage. She sang, of course, her latest single, “Girl on Fire.” The songstress has an amazing voice, no doubt about it, but does anyone else miss the days when she used to perform from her piano? The weird martial arts dancers seemed ill-fitting to me.

Back to the competition: First was Diamond, who sang “I Was Here,” by Beyonce. There was way too much background, but she persisted and belted it out loud, and sounded pretty great. Then it was Vino’s turn: He sang Ray Lamontagne’s “Trouble,” which he definitely sang at one of his auditions. Regardless, it’s a good fit for him, and it was a killer performance.

The two acts took the stage, and it was up to the judge’s to make their decision. L.A. went first, and of course chose to keep his mentee, Vino. Britney was in the same position, and also predictably chose to keep Diamond there. So Demi was the tie-breaker, and she decided to send Vino home, too. Finally, Simon had to decide whether they would go into deadlock or not. It was really tough for him, you could tell, but he chose to send Vino home, making the decision.

Humble Vino thanked everyone for the opportunity, and we got to take a look back at his journey as L.A. stood by his side. Before he left, L.A. said to him, “I’m really proud of Vino, he’s come along way. I’m really happy to call you family at this point in my life.” Mario even called him “one of [his] favorites.”

Finally, it was time for the rankings:

6th place: Diamond White (down one spot)
5th place: Cece Frey (up three spots)
4th place: Fifth Harmony (up three spots)
3rd place: Emblem3 (up one spot)
2nd place: Tate Stevens
1st place: Carly Rose Sonenclar

Thanks for watching! Next week, the top 6 will compete once again for your votes.