Welcome back! The theme tonight was #1 Hits, and the big plug for night was the new Will.I.Am. video for his song “Scream and Shout” featuring Britney Spears.

The first act was Teen Diamond White singing yet another Whitney Houston song, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” She was nervous because she’s been doing ballads the last few weeks. Oddly enough, she did start off slow, but quickly picked up with the tempo. It was well-sung, but I didn’t get the energy from her that I would’ve expected. That all came from the dancers, which I guess makes sense (you know, since the song is about dancing). L.A. said, “You always seem to start slow, and then you get there.” Demi said, “This is what I’ve been waiting the entire competition to see from you.” Simon said, “You hit the right notes at the right time. I think this was a really good, important performance. You are gunning for number one.” Britney said, “I’d dance with you any day.”

Over 25 Vino was uncharacteristically angry because L.A. didn’t like the song he sang at the rehearsal, so it was changed at the last minute. What a great start! He ended up singing “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” by the Righteous Brothers, which I thought sounded good in his low, sexy voice. Britney said, “I feel like it’s the same thing each week with you.” Demi said, “I do think that you had a lot of soul in your voice. But I wasn’t totally entertained.” Simon said, “For me, at the halfway point I thought, this has to end. It just didn’t work. It was uncomfortable.” L.A. said, “I completely, completely, completely, disagree. I will say that there were moments that there were some timing issues. I still stand behind you. I don’t expect the other judges to stand behind you.”

Next up was Young Adult Paige Thomas, who went against Demi’s suggestion to do something more vulnerable and showed off her fun side, singing, “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. To her credit, it was a slowed-down version, and she looked like she was in her element. L.A. said, “That was by far your very best performance here. You found your voice, you found your movement. Demi, I have to commend you.” Britney said, “I think this was a legitimate risk, but I think it worked.” Simon said, “This is the first time you have looked and sounded like a pop star. This actually sounded like you making a record.” Demi said, “I’m so proud of you, it was just awesome.”

The first Group to go was Fifth Harmony, singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” in recognition of their member Ally’s grandfather, who just passed away. It was definitely a good song for them, and for the situation. L.A. told Ally to listen to the lyrics of the song, but said to the group, “I wanted groundbreaking. I thought it was good, but I didn’t hear harmony, I heard unison.” Britney said, “I thought the song really worked for a group,” and then something about girl power. Demi said, “I think that this was probably one of the best performances that you’ve given,” but that she wished they’d moved around more. Simon said, “What a fantastic performance you just gave. This is the first time I can see you in the charts. Ally, your grandfather would be incredibly proud of you tonight.”

That gorgeous little Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, who nabbed the number one spot last week, sang next. She took on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” If anyone else attempted Adele, I probably would have thrown something at my TV, but Carly Rose was haunting. L.A. said, “For me that wasn’t your very best, but your second best is better than everyone else’s best.” Demi said, “I’m not even your mentor and I’m proud of you.” Simon said, “I thought the first half of the song was good, I thought the second half of the song was sensational.” Britney said, “We knew this was going to be a challenge, but we knew it’s what we had to do to bring you to the next level of this competition.”

Mr. Country, Over 25 Tate Stevens, sang “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. It was probably the most up-tempo song he’s sang in awhile, but I’m of the opinion that he can slay anything of the country variety. Britney said, “I’m sure we’ll be seeing you accept a country music award someday.” Demi said, “I love that you have so much fun on stage, you made me feel like I was back at home in Texas at a barbeque.” Simon said, “First of all the bad news: Don’t dance. But the good news: You’re back, with passion. You are so likeable.” L.A. said, “I’m proud of you, that was great.”

Demi told Young Adult Cece Frey that she had to step it up after taking eighth place last week. Cece sang “Lady Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge. It was definitely her speed, but she should have been actively channeling Christina Aguilera from the video, not focusing on her next mark so she didn’t bump into one of her Candyland dancers. L.A. said, “You’re going down, but you’re going down fighting. I hate that I’m going to say this, but I actually enjoyed that.” Britney said, “You’ve definitely stepped it up a notch.” Simon said, “No one can say that you’re not a tryer. The problem was that there was too much going on. My advice tonight is pack a suitcase.” Demi said, “You definitely came out swinging.”

Then came the premiere of Will.I.Am and Britney Spears’ new video “Scream and Shout.” In a word? Yawn. Finally, Emblem3 performed “I’m a Believer,” and it was… well, even worse than last week’s performance, if that’s possible. L.A. said “You have the X-Factor.” Britney said, “I’m a believer in you guys, but I didn’t really like your song.” Demi said, “I just don’t understand what Simon’s doing with you. It’s very predictable. I don’t think this is genuine at all.” Simon supported them of course, saying, “You guys have turned into real pop stars. This is one of my favorite performances.”

Tomorrow is another double elimination, with a performance by Alicia Keys. So tune in!