It’s finally here! JVDB has started his stint on Dancing with the Stars. The episode began with his going away party, where he introduced Valentina, his dancing partner, and promised all of his adoring fans and friends that they would be bringing home the gold from the west coast. June is there celebrating, and on the phone with her mom, Connie, who is about to come to the Big Apple for the first time. James swoops in and steals the phone away to chat with his biggest fan, and June catches Chloe flirting with the bartender. She chastises her for lying, and tells her that when Mrs. Colburn comes to town, she’ll set her straight, because they’re the “Honest Colburns” (allegedly descendants of Honest Abe).

The next day, June is at the coffee shop gushing about her mom again, when Chloe calls her to come to the bar and bail her out of yet another bar lie. While doing so, June’s mom calls her again, but this time to say that she wouldn’t be coming to New York because Mr. Colburn was sick.

On the best coast, Luther and James are riding around in a golf cart, when they remember they forgot to write a check for the housekeeper. They call up Honest June, who of course promises to handle it herself. When she arrives at James’ apartment, she finds Chloe acting as a relator, showing the place to a group of people so she can rent it out while James is away. Of course, June objects, but she promises to keep quiet about the whole thing.

Meanwhile, James is busy dealing with his own battles: his DWTS nemesis, Dean Cain, who is killing it at rehearsals. But it turns out he has nothing to worry about just yet. JVDB and his partner take over the floor with their routine to “Put Your Hands On Me.” Back in NYC, June is riddled with guilt, and Eli takes to his windowsill to advise her. Just then, Chloe texts her to come to James’ loft, and June hurries over, hoping to find that Chloe has decided not to rent it out after all. However, Chloe has instead decided to hold a get together for June and some friends, to thank her for keeping the secret. (Sidebar: I don’t think it’s a coincidence that June shows up to an olive oil tasting in an outfit that looks just like the one worn by the cartoon Popeye’s lady, Olive Oyl.)

June next seeks guidance from Pastor Jin at her Korean Baptist Church, who tells her that a lie of omission is just as bad as any other lie. June goes home to begin her confessions, starting with her mom. But surprise! – it turns out June’s mom is in Los Angeles, watching James live on DWTS. June is crushed that her mom lied to her, and James confronts Chloe about subletting his place. Luther tries to convince him to channel his frustration into his dancing, while Connie comforts him with tea and a hug.

After her mom’s admission, June has finally cracked. She begins to spin elaborate lies, but it turns out she’s not very good at telling them. Chloe stops her in her tracks, and tries to explain the difference between telling silly fibs to strangers and telling actual lies to those you care about. She discovers that she does, in fact, have a conscience, thought it’s very limited.

Things aren’t going so well for James, who begins to act very strangely during his premiere performance. Luther and Connie discover that the tea she gave him was a hallucinogenic, and the whole show is put on hold. June and Chloe call him to find out what happened, and June shows her reestablished faith in honesty by telling James that he just ruined his career. The episode ends with a strange PSA from JVDB, and an airing of his full routine.