As we know, June and Chloe live very different lives. Chloe goes out, parties, and comes home still drunk every morning. June works at the coffee shop, eats, and watches TV. Chloe says that she’s out networking, and June should be doing the same if she wants to get a job on Wall Street again. Mark reaffirms this, and June tells her mom they should stop talking so much (I guess so she can get out and interact with real people). Just then, James stops by: He needs advice on what shoes to wear for to meet with the people from Dancing With the Stars.

So June puts on a sexy dress and goes out make some connections, but goes home quickly. Chloe is left drunk at the bar, where she meets (and makes out with) a suit named Trey in the kitchen of the restaurant. The next morning, their neighbor Robin makes her first appearance this season, and June gets a phone call to come in for an interview at Sharpe Financial Management just as Chloe walks in and tells her she scored the interview through her hook-up.

On her interview, June talks herself up, and is offered a job from Trey’s father. Just then, his son walks in, and he’s a strange, not particularly attractive guy that June can’t believe Chloe would be into. He doesn’t look like the hot guy we saw Chloe with, but Trey confirms the story, and holds up the phone picture that Chloe snapped in the kitchen. We get a little more background on him: His father explains that Trey was hit over the head by an angry client, and he’s not quite right in the head. He goes on to say that June’s job depends on Chloe staying with Trey.

Back home, James is pampering his feet, and June comes in to give them the good news. Chloe hurries out to see Trey again, and James explains to June that Chloe has her “martini goggles” on, and June just has to tell her what this guy is really like. June agrees to, but not until she’s secured her new job.

At his DWTS shoot, James is getting ready to meet his dancing partner. It turns out she’s a real loser, according to June’s mom (who James is video chatting with). Chloe waltzes into the apartment, drunk again, and this time with Trey, who Chloe still thinks is hot. He stays the night, and thinks June is Santa in the morning.

June goes to the coffee shop to resign and show Mark her new business card, and invites him out for a drink. Back at the apartment, Chloe is now the one sitting around eating and watching TV. June starts to panic, and tells Chloe she has to come out that night with Trey and get drunk, even though Chloe is starting to rethink everything. June pours vodka all over Chloe in a frenzy, and then calls on Robin to sneak alcohol into Chloe’s system. Then the five of them (Mark, June, Chloe, Trey and Robin) all go out. Chloe is completely off the wall, and June confesses to Mark what she’s done.

Elsewhere, James is trying to trade his time share for Dean Cain’s partner, who is the reigning champ of DWTS. He calls June’s mom, who helps him to concoct a plan. Meanwhile, June is about to sign her contract, when Chloe shows up (sober) and kisses Trey, telling June that James spilled the beans. She’s happy to keep dating Trey, now that she knows he’s rich, but then the girls discover that he’s married with a kid. June’s new boss is happy she’s cool with everything, but of course, her morals get in the way, and she convinces Chloe that it’s just not right, and the two leave, with June once again out of her dream job.

We also discovered what June’s mom’s plan was: James helped to finance his partner’s movie, so she left the show and he was left to find a new partner. And so the DWTS saga continues!