Well, well, well…is it me or has Sam become the self-righteous?  As I reflect back upon past seasons and episodes…was Sam (Jared Padalecki) not the brother that dishonored and disobeyed his father?  And wasn’t Sam that opened the gate to hell and set a few hundred of demons free?  And was it not Sam that trusted and then chose a female demon over his own brother?  And wasn’t it Sam who became delusional by a certain female demon’s blood and intercourse with such female demon?  And was Sam not the bother that became addicted to demon blood, set Lucifer free, and jumpstarted the apocalypse?  Now, yes we can forgive but not forget—because a lesson is to be learned by and for all parties involved.  And even now, Sam seems to be ‘pussy-whipped’ by this Amelia girl (Liane Balaban) to where he is not completely focused on the job of hunting and destroying supernatural evil.

Anyhow, in this week’s episode of Supernatural begins at the Gumbo Café!  No not really, “Citizen Fang” open in Louisiana with vampire Benny (Ty Olsson) working as a cook and dish washer under the name Roy at a hole-in-the-wall diner that sells gumbo and pecan pie.  Umm, umm tempting.  Benny closes up the diner and exits into the woods.  He is followed by an old friend of the Winchester family, Martin Creaser (Jon Gries) from season 5 of Supernatural In the woods, Martin trips over a recently killed body that he has attributed to Benny.  Turns out Sam (Jared Padalecki) has hired Martin, a hunter who was once a patient on lockdown in the loony bin, to keep tabs on Benny.  Martin informs Sam that Benny is killing people.  Sam and Dean ride off to Louisiana to meet up with Martin and to find Benny.  When the Winchesters arrive, Martin is hell bent on locating and killing Benny even as he discovers that Benny is Dean’s new BFF.  Dean (Jensen Ackles) asks Sam and Martin to give him some time to find and confront Benny about the murdered victim.

So, Benny gets accused of going of the wagon and killing a few humans.  Turns out Carencro Louisiana is Benny’s hometown and his great grand-daughter Elizabeth works at the diner.  Sam has his on-going flashbacks of his time with Amelia.  He and Amelia both admit that they don’t want to let their newfound relationship go.  Dean goes to the café but Benny is not there.  He leaves his name and number with Elizabeth to call him when Benny shows up for work.  Dean then finds Benny in the woods burying a body.  Benny tells Dean that his past has caught up with him.  A want to be gangster punk of a vampire by the name of Desmond has set up camp in Benny’s hometown and has left a body trail that points at Benny.  Benny tells Dean that he is being coerced into joining the vampire Desmond’s crew.  Martin and Sam plan to hunt Benny down and kill him, but Dean is still trying to reason with them.  So Martin knocks Dean out.

Sam and Martin take off.  Martin tells Sam, “A brother chooses a vampire over a brother.  I’d know how I’d feel.”  From Martin’s statement, Sam has another flash about his life with Amelia.  In the flashback, Sam has an encounter with Amelia’s husband.  He asks Sam to respect Amelia’s decision no matter who she chooses to stay with.  Dean calls Benny and gives him a heads up that Sam and Martin are coming for him.  So Dean and Benny decide to find Desmond and take him out.

At Benny’s hiding ground, Martin finds a photo of Benny and Elizabeth at the dinner.  Sam receives a text from Amelia and takes off, leaving Martin in the woods.  Dean and Benny succeed at killing the thug vampire Desmond.  He tells Benny that he needs to pack up and go deep off radar.  Sam tries to reach out and touch Amelia but she has changed her phone number.  He has another flashback and we find out that Sam decided to make the decision for Amelia.  Sam decides to leave Amelia.  He tells Amelia that she and her husband deserve a chance to make the relationship.   Dean calls Martin and informs him that he and Benny killed the other vampire.  Dean tells Martin that Benny has left town, not to go after Benny, and that he should find a new job.  Martin makes a bold move and takes Elizabeth hostage—an exchange her life for Benny’s.

Sam drives to Amelia’s house.  He sees Amelia and her husband have happy reunited and are playing house.  Martin beheads attempts to behead Benny.  Afterward the show down between Martin and Benny, Elizabeth calls Dean and tells him to come to the café.  When Dean arrives, he finds Elizabeth covered in blood and Martin’s throat ripped out.  Sam gets a text from Amelia but it is not from her.  Turns out Dean has taken Amelia’s phone and sent the false text in order to get Sam to let her be.  Dean informs Sam that Benny has killed Martin.  While Sam finds out the news about Martin, he and Amelia run into one another at the bar.   Sam looks petrified instead of over-joyed.

Sadly, the season is up.  Supernatural will return on January 16, 2013.  Until then…Bar your windows and lock your doors.