Last nights’ results show began, for once, with a performance by all of the remaining four acts. Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, Over 25 Country Singer Tate Stevens, Girl Group Fifth Harmony, and the three brothers of Emblem3 came together to sing J. Cole’s “I’m Coming Home.” I thought it was a pretty good choice for a song, and everyone added their own little thing to it.

After a very, very long recap of Wednesday’s performances and critiques, and a lot of other stalling, we finally found out who was first to make it through to the finals: Fifth Harmony. I was definitely surprised that they were the first to get through. Maybe it was just to throw us off a little. Britney looked so taken aback it was hilarious, L.A. laughed, and Simon looked ecstatic. He said for like the third time, “I believe in miracles.” A little brutal, but I guess it’s the truth.

Then this skinny blonde girl came on stage and say her song “Ready or Not.” I had to look her up, and apparently her name is Bridgit Mendler, and she was, in a word, horrible. She basically hoped up and down, strutted around in a skimpy black outfit and way too much make-up, and sounded like any one of the generic girls who tried out for this show, who Simon laughed off the stage. It was excruciating, to say the least.

Continuing with their incredibly slow reveal, Khloe and Mario took this time to announce the second act that would be going through: Tate Stevens. Absolutely no surprise there. Simon looked a little sad, and Britney looked nervous. Tate was, as always, humble and sweet, and L.A. told everyone how he’s “a Tate Stevens fan.” (Corny much?) Khloe used this opportunity to talk to the remaining contestants and try and increase the drama.

The final performance of the night came from Bruno Mars, who sang his latest hit single, “Locked Out of Heaven.” The sound quality was terrible, but it wasn’t his fault. He looked like he was channeling Michael Jackson a little, which actually worked pretty well for him. Still, it was hard to get past the fact that you could barely here this guy actually singing, and what you could hear didn’t sound good at all.

Finally, it was time to find out who would be making it into the finals, and who would be going home. I was actually a little bit nervous, because if Emblem3 made it through, I would probably protest the finale. But fortunately, that didn’t happen: Carly Rose Sonenclar was announced as the third act to compete on next week’s show. Simon gave his boys a hug and told Mario how disappointed her was, but he knew they’d go on to do well in their own careers.

So that’s almost it for The X-Factor this season! Next week, the three finalists will compete, and the winner will be crowned on Thursday in a finale featuring even more outside performers.