Time for yet another double elimination night on The X-Factor! After the usual recap of the performances, last season’s winner, Melanie Amaro, performed her first single “Long Distance.” She has a nice voice, but nothing about her performance was “wow” for me.

Augh, more ridiculous product endorsement, this time for some (probably insanely expensive) headphones. You’d think with the amount of money they’re clearly raking in with all of this selling out, they’d be able to afford better sound quality for those of us watching from home. They just had to pimp out their contestants, didn’t they?

So after 20+ minutes of stalling, they introduced the acts and their mentors, and revealed the first act to be eliminated tonight: Cece Frey. Can I just say: Hell to the yeah! It’s about freaking time. Demi and Cece both rocked the trademark face leopard spots, and Cece had a new dip-dye blue hairstyle. The two teared up and held hands like BFFs, and Demi was officially the first judge to lose all of her contestants.

Then they did they introduced the acts who were safe: Group Emblem3, Teen Carly Rose Sonenclar, and Over 25 Tate Stevens. Can I say, duh? So Group Fifth Harmony and Teen Diamond White were in the bottom two. This show is getting very predictable, and at this point, it seems pointless to even do it like this. But I guess they have to use up an hour somehow, right? Next week they’ll probably have three guest performers.

Ke$ha took the stage to perform her latest single, “C’mon.” Dang, I was really looking forward to “Die Young,” but I guess X-Factor is the place to launch new songs, especially when your album just dropped. As usual, the mic for the singer themselves was way down, and made it obvious when she was and wasn’t singing. And it’s not like Ke$ha is known for her great voice or anything. It was actually a much tamer performance than I expected.

First to sing for their lives was Fifth Harmony, who performed “Anytime You Need a Friend,” by Mariah Carey. They sounded good, but I knew immediately that L.A. would throw them under the bus, because there was more singing in sync than in harmony. And I have a feeling Demi is going to gang up on them as well, considering her vendetta against Simon, and that would mean they’d be going home.

Diamond White chose to sang one of my favorite songs, “I Hope You Dance,” by Lee Ann Womack. I thought her voice sounded a bit whiny, sort of like it did last night. Maybe Fifth Harmony has a chance after all?

It was decision-making time. Simon congratulated both acts, and of course chose to send Diamond home in favor of his contestants. Britney, also predictably, voted for Fifth Harmony to go, so it was tied. Next up was L.A., who chose to send home Diamond. Then it was all up to Demi: Diamond or deadlock? She chose to finish it off and send Diamond home, which I think was definitely the right choice. The 13-year-old was surprisingly mature, and cited X-Factor UK contestant Cher Lloyd, who came in fifth in her season, and is now rocking the charts.

Finally, the (basically irrelevant) rankings:

4th place: Fifth Harmony
3rd place: Emblem3
2nd place: Carly Rose Sonenclar
1st place: Tate Stevens

Boo! Oh well, Carly Rose will come out on top, and if it’s down to her at Tate, I’m very happy.