Previously on Jersey Shore, Snooki continues to express how much she resents Mike. Vinny pulls Jionni out of the baby shower to finally talk about the tension between them. Which leads us to…

A nervous Vinny and an agitated Jionni enter the parking lot of Rivoli’s. After a couple minutes of apologizing Vinny admits that he respects Jionni for giving Snooki a second chance after the drama between the two unfolded. After the talk Jionni admits to Vinny that he respects him for being a man and having the talk him. Respect all around! Jionni returns to the shower, and gives Snooki permission to invite Vinny to the wedding. While Snooki unwraps her gifts (including different types of alcohol.) Jenni expresses her concern for Jionni not being around more often for Snooki and his future baby. This starts a verbal war between herself and Jionni. As the title of this episode so brilliantly puts it: Awkward!

While Vinny attends to Pauly’s hair in the bathroom, Mike reflects on the many fights he and Snooki have had in the past. He finally decides to man up and apologize to Snooki. He arrives at Snooki’s doorstep, leaving her in shock. He sits her down and lets all of his emotions out. His apology is surprisingly sincere. Snooki tells him that it will be hard to forget his cruel actions, but that she is willing to forgive him and try to rekindle their friendship.

After him and Snooki high five, Mike ends up going to the tanning salon, where he runs into Paula. Once again: Awkward! After a few kisses on the lips she shows him to his tanning room, then leaves him with a note to read. After their tanning session Vinny reads Paula’s note out loud. To sum up the poorly written note, Paula begs for Mike’s affection and wants him to reciprocate some feelings back at her.

The gang returns to Aztec, while Snooki and a sick Vinny stroll the boardwalk on their rascal scooters, imagining what they will be like as old people. The two shock the club as they literally roll onto the dance floor, while fist pumping remaining seated. As always, Mike decides to flirt with a group of women, just feet away from the heartbroken/note-writing Paula. In the end Paula snaps and yells at the group of home wreckers, as she storms out of the club. This act just confirms that Paula will be out of the picture from now on. So long Paula, I truly wish you nothing but the best in your future.

With her girls and fiancé by her side, Snooki is ready for her sonogram. The gang is happy to hear that not only is the sex of the baby a boy, but the future boy is going to be “very gifted in a certain area.”

The boys decide to invite Jionni for a night out on the town, so that they can welcome him into the family. Jionni agrees; this makes Snooki nervous as to what the intentions of the boys are. During their dinner Jionni defends himself when it comes to the subject of him being there for Snooki. He then invites all the boys to his bachelor party.

Next week: Deena gets drunk on the boardwalk, (insert joke about that here.) Mike strips down, while giving Jenni a lap dance at what seems to be either a bachelor or bachelorette party! Awkward!