The drama never stops when it comes to the Two and a Half Men set. Most recently the spotlight fell on the youngest of the men, Angus T. Jones. He’s played Jake Harper for almost a decade where we’ve watched him grow from a chunky boy to a pot induced man. You’d think he’d be grateful since he tops the list when it comes to highest paid young actors on television. Currently he’s sitting pretty on $350,000 an episode, but that doesn’t seem to be enough and can’t buy morals. Angus recently called Men “filth,” but later apologized – although he didn’t take it back. Now there’s talks of the show saying a final farewell to the “half.” The show’s proven once before that the show can go on without a main character, but can they do it again with just one of the original Men? It’s time for that show to just hang it up and call it a day.

Angus’ comments came out only after he joined a church group in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. While his ex-costar Charlie Sheen points the blame at show creator Chuck Lorre (no surprise), Angus’ family says it’s the church that has his mind all in a twist. No matter who’s to blame, ever since Jake grew up on the show, the character has gotten a little dry. It could be the cotton mouth, but it’s also because they ran out of things for Jake to do. Putting Angus with Miley Cyrus on the show was a ratings booster, but let’s face it…Angus didn’t need to be there. Miley and that new hairdo would’ve been enough to make people watch. Men shouldn’t just cut Angus out, but they should consider easing him off, so by the end, they have a reason to just pull the plug all together. Men has already proven to be good enough for syndication, so just let this season be the last.

It’s a shame too though, because Men was able to survive the whole “winning” debacle when Sheen went nuts and forced Men to kill him off. Ashton Kutcher was a bit odd at first, but the writers were able to tweak his character Walden Schmidt and take him from a blubbering annoyance to a suave man with just a bit of insecurity. But Men should consider this the last season before they try and go on with just Ashton and Jon Cryer, because as they say, history has a tendency to repeat itself. So it’s only a matter of time before it’s Cryer’s turn to bring the drama.

Jon Cryer is just happy to have found success after being known as “Duckie” for most of his life. He’s an Emmy winner and often goes on Conan to poke fun at Men’s situations, although he hasn’t stopped by to crack a joke about his onscreen son yet. Who knew Cryer would be the most level-headed of the bunch? But again, when you’re other biggest claim to fame is an eccentric best friend who can’t catch a break in the 80’s, you’re just happy to have found something steady almost 20 years later.

It’s hard to say that Men would fail without Angus because when they lost the show’s biggest star it was able to sustain in the ratings race, but two of the leading men? Two and a Half Men has been going strong since 2003 and if the actors can’t be happy on set, what’s the point of continuing? Chuck Lorre needs to just face the facts and focus on his other money makers: The Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly. Don’t worry for Cryer though, he should be able to live off syndication royalties for a long time.