AHS-season-2-castAmerican Horror Story was co-created by Ryan Murphy, the brains behind FOX’s hit, Glee as well as NipTuck. In season one, the show takes place at a haunted house one in which experienced numerous violent deaths. The ghosts of these deaths stayed within the home acting as if they were still alive. Evan Peters played one of the ghosts, a troubled teenage boy that was gunned down in his home by a Swat team after he had shot and killed a bunch of his peers at school.

Audience members are also introduced to Moira, a maid that women see as older with a cloudy left eye however men see her as young and seductive. The show explained that women see the truth; however, men see what they desire. The show also incorporated real murder stories like one of the Black Dahlia. The actress goes to the murder house to have her tooth fixed because she heard about this amazing dentist by word of mouth; he of course murders her and through her death she gets what she always wanted, fame.

Season Two takes place in an insane asylum; Evan Peters was brought back and so was Jessica Lange. Dylan McDermott whom was one of the leads in season one was brought back for the final three episodes of this season. The show is indeed horrifying; it plays with terrifying one by using both psychology and gore.  The acting is also magnificent; Evan Peters is wonderful at playing a troubled, crazy teen that has an inner desire to constantly kill. Jessica Lange is a wonderful actress. She knows how to present herself as charming, sincere and sweet however beneath all that lays a character full of anger and regret. She plays an older woman in season one that loves younger men and she is very overtly sexual.

It’s sexy. A casting director stated in an interview that Ryan wanted this show to be sexy therefore his lead had to be handsome. Some of the actors that were originally considered (they were not mentioned), lacked that sex appeal, Murphy had in mind. Eventually they got Dylan McDermott aboard. McDermott’s chiseled physique and handsome face matched the part of Ben quite well. He was often seen shirtless, fantasizing about having sex with Moira. That temptation added spice to season one. McDermott recently tweeted he would returning for the final three episodes of season two and “he has been a bad, bad boy”. Women across the globe are probably tuning in.

The show possesses an original idea, one that should keep its audience frequently interested. Every season has a new setting, new characters however they bring back some actors but make them new characters. It is a challenge as a fan because we get used to loving that particular actor in a certain role but at the same time it is interesting to see them as someone completely new. It is refreshing. Evan Peters is a favorite because he has this boy next door appeal yet he is insane! Hollywood often stereotypes crazy. They portray killers like how audience members want them to look, unattractive, un kept and frightening. Peters cannot be placed under any of those adjectives.

The show has already signed on for season three; it airs at 10pm on Wednesday evenings on FX. It is a perfect time slot for a frightening show; their primary demographic is not children. Ryan Murphy now has three hit television shows under his belt; there is no stopping him now. He has become a powerful force in the Entertainment industry; it is intriguing to see how someone went from Glee, to American Horror Story. Guess we all have an inner horror story within us. Make sure you tune in to watch this exciting thriller.