steve carr

With Movie 43 coming out this week, I spoke with one of the film’s many directors, Steve Carr, known for directing such films as Dr. Dolittle 2, Day Day-Care, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop. The film is made up of twelve different unconnected short films that revolve around a group of kids trying to find an inappropriate movie. Carr’s segment, titled “The Proposition,” stars Anna Faris and Chris Pratt as a young couple who discuss their future. Pratt’s character has his eye on proposing to the adorable Faris, but it turns out that she has much different (and filthier) plans in mind. Not sure how to delicately say what she wants from him, but if you’re curious, watch the red band trailer.

Carr got interested in the project while having lunch with another one of the film’s directors, Peter Farrelly. “Peter and I had lunch and he asked me if I was interested in directing a small piece of the film. I thought it was a perfect outlet for me to get back into directing R-rated comedies.” To Carr, R-rated comedies have no limits and no fears of who you’re going to insult.

How much say did you have in casting?  “Actually it was already cast before I was brought onto the project, but if any film is already precast with Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, I’m perfectly fine with that. Plus, the fact that they’re a couple in real life didn’t hurt either. Ya, Anna and Chris have a baby and are married, so obviously they had great chemistry.”

How long did your shoot take? “Three days, every second was pure entertainment and fun.” While viewing the behind-the-scenes of his short, I agree with Steve — there was nothing but laughter from himself and the crew behind the camera while rolling.

You got your start with an R-rated movie, then got into PG, now you’re back in raunchy R-rated territory; difficult transition? “You know I’ve always been a fan of just telling stories the best I can. No matter what the material or rating.” Carr expressed great interest in getting back into R-rated films since it was more up his alley. He’s extremely excited about having his name attached to this film, since he believes it will serve as a major stepping-stone that gets him back on the R-rated map.

Paul Blart 2? “I think I’m contractually supposed to do it [laughs]. But no, if they decide to do another one I hope they’ll ask me to do it. I love working with Kevin.”

Carr is currently working on a live film adaptation of the graphic novel, Meet the Haunteds. The story is about a family moving into an old house in Harlem, where an African-American family from the 70s haunts them. The premise seems hilarious, and according to Steve, “It’s not about just spoofing race with black and white, we’re also spoofing blue collar, white collar, rich and poor. It should be great. We’re working on it for a new outlet. I can’t say much about it right now.”

Movie 43 is in theatres this Friday.