Kristen-StewartKristen Stewart has become the most sought out leading lady due to her performance in the Twilight franchise. The popular vampire stories have made Stewart an icon to tween girls all over the world. Breaking Dawn, the final installment to the series had young girls camping out in down town Los Angeles for days in hopes of meeting its leading lady. She is idolized by young girls however not a favorite amongst many critics. She was nominated for worst actress for her two of her films released in 2012; one was for her role as Bella in Breaking Dawn and the other for her role as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsmen.

Stewart’s performance in the franchise deserves a Razzie win due to her poor ability to express her emotions. On Bella’s wedding day, she did not exude the kind of happiness that is often associated with a wedding. She was about to marry her true love; isn’t that supposed to be one of the most exciting moments in a woman’s life? Instead she wore that blank expression Bella frequently has. She appeared confused and lost; the same expression she had when she met Edward Cullen in the first film. By the end of the franchise one would think her character would seem confident with her choices, after all she was no longer a high school girl, but a grown woman.

In this series, she lacks the ability to perform multiple facial expressions however Kristen is not a terrible actress. In 2002, she played a crazed teenager in David Finch’s, The Panic Room; she did an excellent job. She was believable and her performance dominated the thriller. She knew how to appear frightened, upset and fragile; emotions that are needed to upset audience members. Who knows, maybe Kristen lost her passion for acting; it is indeed a time consuming career and can be difficult. There is a lot of pressure amongst Hollywood’s younger stars, to constantly remain in the lime light, choose particular roles and exude an unrealistic image of perfection. It seems as if Kristen does not enjoy paparazzi following her around; she is often seen covering her face in the tabloids.

Actors have to be passionate about their roles in order to properly bring them to life. When Stewart acts, it is as if she memorized her lines and recited them in front of a camera. She does not seem like she got to know the character she is portraying. Watching her in Snow White and The Huntsmen was exactly the same as watching her in Breaking Dawn. It felt as if she was Bella in both films. Snow White and The Huntsmen was an interesting rendition to the beloved fairy tale. The role of the wicked step mother was played by actress, Charlize Theron, whom is obsessed with holding on to her youth because that is what made her beautiful. Her mother had warned her as a child that people only love women that are beautiful. When her character grows up she meets Snow White’s father and kills him to take over his castle. In the beginning of the film we meet the young Snow White, whom it kept locked up and barely fed. She eventually escapes and a huntsman is ordered to find her and kill her. Snow White is supposed to appear frightened, fragile and overly feminine. She grew up in a castle sheltered from society. Stewart’s performance was unbelievable; it was difficult to feel any sympathy for her character. She wore that blank expression upon her face throughout the entire film. When she first met the huntsman it was like watching Bella meeting Edward. The huntsman was in the woods to kill her, yet she just ran away without showing any tears or shaking in fear.

Kristen Stewart may lack not be a wonderful actress or a favorite amongst critics however her career does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. According to Forbes magazine, Stewart and her beau, Robert Patterson tops their list of highest grossing Hollywood couples.  It is rumored; she will reprise her role as Snow White in Snow White and The Huntsmen 2. We are curious to see whether or not Stewart can find a character she is passionate about playing, maybe 2013 will be her year.