mindy harry sally

Although this week’s dialogue left a little to be desired, the episode was thematically sound and capitalized on the cornerstone of Mindy’s existence – the romantic comedy – as she dates a dude who may or may not be in love with his best friend (a la When Harry Met Sally.)

The action opens with Mindy cuddling with midwife Brendan. So much for taking a couple of episodes to build their sexual tension! Still, it’s amusing as Brendan pulls a plethora of items – stuffed animals, frying pan (?), kitchen knife (!) – out from under the covers. After declaring that he’s “not really sold on this whole dating thing” and just wants to “keep it simple,” he shuns Mindy’s invitation to accompany her to a colleague’s cocktail party.

When she tells her co-workers she plans to bring her best friend from college, Danny wonders how many best friends she has.” ‘Best friend’ is not a person, it’s a tier Danny!” Mindy declares. Danny shows up with Eye-Patch (sans the eye patch) but it’s clear they have little in common. Was anyone else totally annoyed that Danny chomped away on his sandwich with his mouth open throughout the scene? I know the point was to give the girlfriend an excuse to break up with him, but we still have to like him and he just came off as an uncouth slob. Meanwhile, wheelchair-bound friend Mindy seemed to exist merely to flirt (unsuccessfully) with Jeremy. Mindy is annoyed at the lack of single dudes and when the perfect party host couple claims “We climb into sweats every night and watch Netflix,” she counters “that’s ‘inseparable’ and you guys are scumbags.”

Mindy is confused when party guest Jamie (The Office alum B.J. Novak) flirts with her when she mistakes his best friend Lucy for his girlfriend. She accepts a date even though she worries she may be walking into a When Harry Met Sally situation. Danny dismisses her as “the lady in the movie who says ‘I’ll have what she’s having.’”

Jillian dumps Danny and he responds in a very nonplussed manner, leading Mindy to surmise that he needs a big overture to win her back like Pretty Woman or Say Anything. When this fails to elicit the necessary response from Danny, Mindy likens it to a scene in “Goodfellas when Ray Liotta gives his wife that bloody gun” and he finally gets it. He shows up with Morgan and an iPod blasting Korn instead of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn and promptly gets re-dumped.

Mindy blows off a text with Brendan during her date with Jamie, but then has a change of heart after Lucy sends a bottle of wine to their table and Jamie takes time out for a lengthy thank you call. She slips out for a Brendan booty call, but gets a reality check when she runs into Brendan and a hot Asian girl at the movies the next day. She decides to give Jamie a second chance, showing up at the university class where he teaches and dresses up as a female Indiana Jones (Mindyana Jones in fact) as part of an inside joke and a “big overture” to win him over. She more or less succeeds and Jamie seems open to giving her a second chance.

Admittedly, my hopes were buoyed by last week’s strong episode, but I liked the idea of this episode better than its execution. Danny was annoying rather than endearing, while Mindy’s misinterpretation of her relationship with Brendan didn’t do her any favors and the writers still struggle with incorporating the supporting characters. I never thought I would say this, but I kinda miss Josh.