I only have two words for the Mindy writers…thank you! After a string of lackluster episodes, the show managed to return to its roots with a quintessentially Mindy episode that showcased her clumsy romantic misadventures and actually managed to incorporate the supporting characters in an entertaining manner while offering plenty of memorable dialogue.

Mindy is frustrated that her plans of marrying rich (or at least old) have not come to fruition, which she chalks up to the fact that “all old men think I have a sass mouth.” Tired of waiting around for Mr. Right, Mindy reluctantly takes Jeremy’s advice to have a one-night stand after lamenting, “People seem to be having, like, these awesome sex lives and I’m just trying to find a life partner to go apple picking with. What’s wrong with me?” The key, he suggests, it to pick someone she is attracted to but does not respect. Cue the midwife brothers and soon Mindy sets her sights on Brendan, which is good because Morgan lays claim to the geekier brother Duncan (it’s not quite like it sounds…or is it?).

Meanwhile, Eye-Patch (the ER patient from last episode, a.k.a. Jillian – don’t know if it’s worth getting to know her name since we don’t know if  she’ll be around for long) shows up for a date with Danny. Mindy is genuinely envious of her good looks and proceeds to mock Danny for being much older. She revels in his lack of enthusiasm for a wild wacky date night planned by his new girlfriend which involves an all-male cabaret montage of “Golden Girls” episodes followed by late night sushi.

After leaving a video on her computer (complete with casting suggestions for the Lifetime movie version of her death) in case she gets murdered, Mindy dolls herself up and puts on her best seductive face and heads over to Brendan’s where she immediately mistakes his shirtlessness for a readiness to jump in the sack. Being an aficionado of the Kama Sutra, he slows things down. Mindy has a hilarious encounter in his high tech bathroom where she finds herself unwittingly trapped in his shower. Watching her flail around made me laugh as much as the bean bag scene from awhile back, while a clueless Brendan gently strums “Landslide” on his guitar in the bedroom.

Back on track, Mindy attempts to undress Brendan after heeding advice from her friends that men love to be undressed. This has all the romantic hallmarks of a trying to undress a squirmy toddler. Before the couple gets a chance to consummate, brother Duncan shows up with pizza…and a disapproving Morgan! The foursome ends up watching a movie together until an argument about the evils of sugary snacks derails Mindy’s chances of getting laid. The disastrous evening is capped off with Morgan’s asthma attack, which leads Brendan to treat him holistically. “You can’t just wave a dream catcher at a respiratory condition,” Mindy complains…but alas, she is wrong. Morgan is so impressed by Brendan’s “magic” cure (involving a rock and some reassuring words) that he offers to wait around if Mindy still wants to “do it” with Brendan, but the evening is too far off track by this point.

Back at the hospital, they reconvene with Jeremy and Danny, whose mere presence is testament to the fact he must have had an unsuccessful evening as well. Eye-Patch shows up, having figured out Danny’s work escape was just a lame way to get out of their plans. She puts his fears about their age gap to rest, even though he confesses to being six years older than she thought he was.

The next time Mindy runs into Brendan on their elevator, he informs her they WILL have sex…at some point, leaving Mindy alternating between a look of disgust and a self-satisfied grin. For a change, I am actually anxious to see where Danny and Mindy’s respective liaisons take them. Well done, writers!