The anticipated sequel to Thor is coming this autumn to our theaters. Thor: The dark world brings back the talented cast we saw in the first installment.

Chris Hemsworth reprises his role as Thor, so is the always beautiful and talented Natalie Portman playing his love interest. Tom Hiddleston is once again the fascinating villain Loki. Other actors include Jamie Alexander, Zachary Levi, Idris Elba, Kat Dennings, Renee Russo and of course Sir Anthony Hopkins.

With a new director, Alan Taylor on board. This promises to be another exciting adventure. Let’s address some of the issues that I’m hoping to see in the sequel:

1) Develop the romantic relationship.

The key to a romantic couple in screen is that the audience falls for the relationship too, this characters missed the boat the first time around.

I like Jane Foster, but for a scientist she acted more like a schoolgirl falling for “big handsome stranger” than a professional adult woman.  Thor, in the same vein, comes from Asgard surrounded by wonders were magic and science are one and he lives and fights with super powerful attractive women. It was hard to buy that Jane could impressed him this much in such a short period of time. In this sequel they also need to convince us of this bond lasting with no contact for over two years.  The script needs to flesh out their interaction to make it believable in the screen.

2) Tone down the slow motion

Kenneth Branagh is a brilliant director. He got impressive performances from all involved and made the costumes work visually without looking silly; always a danger when dealing with comic books brought to the screen in Thor. But in the first movie he relied too much in slow motion and he used in on places that interrupted the action. Since this is a new director he probably won’t make the same choices. It still is worth mentioning given how much of the flow in the movie suffered during those scenes.

Thor-The-Dark-World3) Thor has to let Loki go

Being a hero is about making the difficult choices for the sake of the majority, no matter how personally painful. In the first film you could argue that Loki still could had been redeemed. During the events on The Avengers however, he crossed the line into full villain-hood by taking human lives. It looked pretty naive of Thor to try to convince Loki to join and help defeat the Chitauri. Especially during the destruction caused by his calculated choices. Not to mention that this was not Thor’s choice to make but humanity’s. As a hero he has to be trusted to do the right thing and his brother deserves to be punished for his crimes, he needs to stop thinking he can help him. Unless….

4) Loki earns a second chance.

I don’t particularly buy sympathetic villains, but Loki’s story in the mythology does give room for him to be a constant ambiguous presence in Thor’s life. If the new threat is so big that he repents and decides to help his former friends, I could see Thor continuing to be conflicted about him with reason. As an Asgardian he has to be kept in his world, to avoid him breaking havoc anywhere else. In spite of this, the dynamics in the family should being develop without making the good guys look like enablers of the bad guy’s actions.

5) Hint at The Enchantress for the third movie.

I loved all the surprise Easter eggs hinting at the next adventure in the original Thor. But I think that instead of doing it to assemble The Avengers Sequel they should try to bring excitement for the next movie in the franchise. The Enchantress is a formidable villainess and we have our share of bad guys in the other Marvel heroes movies. It will be refreshing to have a female villainess to break with tradition and bring the feminine touch to the dark side of the franchises.

Save the date when in November 8, 2013 when we will behold in breathless wonder, The God of Thunder, Mighty Thor.