Yep – we’ve heard it from the horse’s mouth; according to Bruce Willis, Die Hard 6 is in development, despite the fact that A Good Day to Die Hard isn’t even out yet.

Willis made an appearance on the BBC’s The One Show in the UK last night, and when asked if there would be a sixth film, the actor  smiled and answered “yes”.

If you’re looking here for details, we’re afraid there simply aren’t any at this stage – but Willis seems to be a good enough authority to trust in, so if he says there’s going to be a sixth movie, we can be relatively sure there’s going to be a sixth movie.

And with A Good Day to Die Hard looking good to be a Valentine’s Day hit, the chances are it seems likely. At the moment – that could change, of course, if the film has a really poor turnout, but as far as predictions go, the anticipation for this movie is certainly there.

What would you name a sixth Die Hard movie? Are you looking forward to A Good Day to Die Hard?