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Showtime wisely chose not to air a new episode of Shameless up against the Superbowl last Sunday, so it was nice to settle in with the Gallaghers after a two-week break.

Perhaps taking last week off has inspired everyone to turn a new leaf, as the Gallaghers seem to be suddenly concerned with helping their fellow man. First up, Lip, or Captain Chivalry, as Ian calls him, takes it upon himself to help Mandy with her orphaned half-sister. Despite initially protesting, the troubled girl agrees to travel up to Milwaukee at Lip’s urging, and help her younger sister, Molly, avoid foster care as a result of her mother OD’ing on Meth.

Luckily, the old ice cream truck the boys use for the sale of illegal substances every summer still has some miles left in her and before we know it, the young couple returns to Chicago accompanied by the neglected tween.  Of course, with no one in the demented Milkovich family to help, Molly is temporarily dropped off at the Gallagher home.

As if her plight wasn’t pressing enough, this poor “girl’ is also toting a Shanghai Surprise that her deadbeat mother clearly never felt the need to deal with. Though in fairness to the woman, as I learned in Sex and Gender class at NYU, perhaps she was a radical feminist thinker who views medical gender assignment as mutilation. Or more likely, she was just too high to care about her daughter’s needs.

Needless to say, even unaware of Molly’s secret, Fiona’s not exactly thrilled about taking in another mouth to feed. But Carl is away at cancer camp, so she makes an exception, despite her accurate fear that Lip’s altruism will confuse the troubled Mandy. Speaking of Carl and the damn cancer camp, it was nice to see him get a little screen time, even show a bit of emotion. Of course, the fact that his craptastic father has convinced him he’s dying and sent him to a camp with no rifle range, sprinkles, or chicken nuggets, clearly has him re-evaluating things.

He’s still a Gallagher though, and unwittingly armed with TUMS (Frank’s version of cancer medicine), and a fighting spirit, he sets out to free these poor kids from the stringent rules that govern this camp like it’s Attica. In a rather touching, if totally inappropriate scene, he’s responsible for facilitating his new friend’s wish. This is, a kid who actually has cancer, and all the boy wants is to see some titties before he dies. After an impassioned Lincoln-style speech from Carl, the cute Red Headed Camp Counselor is prompted to show the boys her goods.

Yet Carl and Lip aren’t the only ones fighting the good fight. Disgusted by her boss and his running of the grocery store as if it’s his personal Bunny Ranch, Fiona decides she as well, needs to take action. The eldest Gallagher holds a meeting of the entirely female staff in which she rallies the girls to stand up for themselves and stop fellating the boss. The women concur at first but their indignation is soon abated when a fellow coworker points out that for one blowjob a week they all get to not only keep their much-needed jobs, but come and go as they please and take free groceries. Poor Fiona learns you can’t win em all, especially when you yourself haven’t even engaged in said demoralizing acts, after her decision to revolt is voted down a la secret ballad.

Even Frank seems to be in the activist spirit this episode. Don’t get me wrong, he still tells his healthy son that he’s got mere months to live, but he almost actually appears to feel bad about it this time. Especially when, in a particularly touching scene, the quiet, sullen Carl tells him he loves him. Combine this with his “swimming” lessons for Debbie, in which he prepares the girl for summer at urban community pools where, “those Cosby kids will drown your ass,” by having her attempt to hold her breath under water for at least 90 seconds, and it appears that he actually did some parenting this episode. I didn’t say he did a great job, but he did attempt to parent!

Not exactly the same thing, but still involving breathing nonetheless, Frank is also enlisted as sex therapist to a frustrated Sheila and Jody. Good thing he’s still living with the couple and “babysitting” Jaime aka drugging him with Vicodin or leaving the baby with Debbie at her makeshift daycare. Unfortunately, without Jamie’s constant crying, Sheila and Jody are free to focus on what have clearly become very different sexual needs.

Every Shameless fan knows that Sheila needs her rough ass play to get off. Possessing a pleasure box of dildos that would make a gay porn star blush, she’s devastated to hear that Jody is only interested in missionary lovemaking. Begging Frank to intervene, or engage in toy time on the side, Frank picks the former and after a nice pep talk with Jody, things seem to be moving full steam ahead, literally.

It’s too bad that Jody’s fears of sliding back into the horror days of 12 partners per 24-hour cycle, and needing to tea bag and dick slap to get off, might actually be warranted; I guess dildos, like pot, are a gateway drug if you have a sexual addiction. But that’s not Frank’s problem.

Nor is the dissolution of the marriage between Jimmy’s parents. Despite her being a pill popper/alcoholic, and him “experimenting” with men, it clearly is a shock to Jimmy who just can’t seem to catch a break these days. Still forced to stay on the straight and narrow, thanks to Beto, this episode also finds him pawning his expensive watch for a much lower price, just to have some cash to contribute to the Gallagher squirrel fund.

Ironically, he’s not the only one in his family who’s broke though. The poor guy learns that in addition to his parents ending their marriage, the family is almost penniless, and his dad is not only gay, but also sleeping with Ian. In a particularly uncomfortable case of mistaken identity, his dad ends up fondling the wrong Gallagher brother, and everything comes out. Though luckily Fiona is there to assure the crestfallen Jimmy that if she had to apologize for everything her father did, she’d have no voice left.

See Fiona, despite his shadiness, Jimmy needs you! V and Kev are still trying for that baby, but for now I’m just happy to see that everything is momentarily copacetic between both couples.