This week on Smash, things were, dare I say it, almost normal? Even writing that feels like I’m jinxing it for next week. But regardless, the Bombshell crew is really trying to get their act together.

Derek, trying to revamp his image, has agreed to put on a one night only concert starring Ronnie, The World’s Biggest Broadway Star. Ronnie conveniently wants to revamp her own persona, which has been largely shaped by her intimidating momager. You see, her own mother didn’t love her enough to get her to Broadway, and now Ronnie is a huge star because of her tutelage.

Despite wanting to steer himself away from sex, Derek can’t hang with Ronnie’s sweet musical theatre repertoire. Karen meddles and brings in Kyle and Jimmy to audition some of their original songs for the show. NOBODY ASKED YOU, KAREN. Tom and Derek hate them all, but challenge the duo to write a new song that they might consider. The catch is, the show is going live that night. And Bravo just signed a deal to broadcast it to millions “at a later date.” Challenge accepted.

(I now have a conspiracy theory that Smash takes place years ago, because when was the last time Bravo aired anything that has to do with the arts?)

Because he’s tired of fighting with the momager, Derek gives in and just lets Ronnie sing whatever she wants. He tells Jimmy that they’re not going to use his song and Jimmy loses it. That’s a normal reaction to an unbelievable opportunity nobody in the real world would have ever gotten. He goes missing for days in response.

Meanwhile, noted hot bartender/boyfriend/drug lord Nick has returned to tell Eileen that he’s going to turn himself in to the Feds; he loves her too much to see her hard work go down the drain because of his bad choices (you will recall that Bombshell got its funding from his dirty drug money).

Julia and Peter the Dramaturg are still working on Bombshell’s book, and to get her to finally see how much her version sucked, he workshops it in his acting class at NYU. As an insufferable nerd and as someone who went to NYU, I can tell you that this was actually filmed at Cooper Union; it is also the street that I lived on in NYC. No, I do not know what I would have done if I had stumbled on Smash being filmed when I left my apartment. Cried? Thrown things? Hugged Debra Messing?

Sorry, I’m back. So Peter breaks through to Julia, and she sees that Bombshell isn’t about Marilyn, at least the way she wrote it. It’s about the men in her life, and the way that they see her. Get ready for more JFK numbers!

Jimmy’s back guys! He tells Karen in the alley behind the theatre that he’s done some drugs. “Oh, I’ve definitely done some drugs before,” Karen says like someone who has never done drugs before. She tells him to get himself together and go inside like a man and face his critics.

Ronnie’s show is a sold out, amazing affair with an edge – she tells her horrified mother that she’s going with Derek’s sexy vision and rocks it onstage wearing a slinky little number. Jennifer Hudson is an undoubtedly amazing performer. But I don’t think that this role is going to help her get that EGOT. She’s got the Grammy and the Oscar, and it wouldn’t be hard for her to nab a Tony. But playing a sad Broadway star on Smash is no way to get an Emmy, girl.

Surprise, Ronnie ends her show with a song that she loves, and that has never been heard before. Jimmy, everyone believes in you! The audience gives her a standing ovation, and she drags Jimmy and Kyle onstage for applause. This would never happen in real life, but I would expect nothing less from Smash.

Eileen calls a meeting to tell the rest of Bombshell’s creators that she is stepping down as producer, and that JERRY will be stepping in with the funding. She has to stand by her man and tell the truth about where she got her money. Since Jerry is an awful human, we learn that he is in cahoots with Ellis. ELLIS. I thought we got rid of him? I’m so done.

I imagine that next week marks the return of Ellis, and maybe we’ll find out why he has time to take down Eileen and isn’t in prison for poisoning Rebecca Duvall’s smoothie last season? I knew I jinxed it.