149551_0177  Suits He's back

The title of this episode is very fitting because there’s really no better way to say it. He’s Back. How could anyone forget the other half of Pearson/Hardman? Daniel (David Costabile) is not only back, but he’s ready to take down the firm that fired him. The episode starts with Daniel facing off against Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) in the continued sexual discrimination case against Folsom Foods from the last episode.

However, the tune quickly changes when Daniel suddenly slaps a subpoena in Mike and Harvey’s faces and says they’re being sued by an ex-employee for wrongful termination. Remember Monica (Gina Holden)? She was the employee that got fired after having an affair with Daniel. Well, she’s back now, and she’s causing more trouble than the firm can handle. Needless to say, Jessica (Gina Torres) is not pleased to see her.

When it comes right down to it, Pearson/Hardman can’t win this case. The biggest thing they have against Monica is her relations with Daniel, but lo and behold, before Daniel left, they signed a confidentiality agreement. That means Jessica is not allowed to hold any of his past-dealings against him in court. That means Jessica does not have a solid case against Monica. Naturally, Harvey is pretty peeved because Jessica never told him this agreement existed. Therefore, he thinks they need to settle, but we all know Jessica hates Daniel too much to settle.

On a lighter note, Rachel (Meghan Markle) is applying to go to Harvard Law School. She’s typical, nervous Rachel, but Mike reassures her how awesome she is. Looks like they’re starting to become friends again after so much bitterness on her end. Meanwhile, Louis (Rick Hoffman) tracks down Donna (Sarah Rafferty) because he wants her help in getting on the case against Hardman. She shoots him down because she knows Harvey doesn’t want it. No offense to Louis because Mike wants on the case too, but Harvey won’t let him join in either.

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Harvey seeks some guidance from a judge about the case to see if it’s possible to toss the confidentiality agreement, but it’s not. Not unless they want to hand over 15 million to Daniel. Basically, the judge tells Harvey that he’s going to lose. Back at the office, Donna confronts Daniel, which is long overdue. It was his fault she got fired earlier in the season. It’s probably the best moment of the whole episode because she slaps him. Right in the face. Twice. Ten points for Donna.

After being slapped, Daniel heads into a deposition with Harvey and Jessica. He flat out tells Jessica that she fired Monica for being younger, prettier, and in relationships with men. It’s rough. Even though Mike wasn’t there, he knows something must have happened, and he convinces Rachel to pull up a copy of the transcript. For some reason, Mike thinks this is all his fault, and he wants to fix it. So he goes to find Monica to convince her to leave Jessica alone, but it’s no use. These women hate each other, and neither is going to back down.

In his attempt to still try to fix things, Mike finds Jessica and gives her a new line of questioning to try to get Monica to admit that the affair she had was with Daniel. Since Pearson/Hardman isn’t allowed to say anything against him, they need her to. Surprisingly, Jessica puts Mike in charge, and she leaves the deposition to him and Harvey. Somehow, the focus switches to a sexual harassment issue against Louis, and Monica insists that Jessica knew about it but just didn’t care. Things aren’t going well for Pearson/Hardman, and Daniel insists that he’s going to bleed them dry.

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Louis approaches Harvey because he still really wants to help with the case. He thinks if he can just talk to Monica that he can get her to drop the case. Obviously Harvey can’t let him do that, so he shows him the transcript from the deposition when Monica said Louis sexually harassed her. He’s visibly upset by this accusation, so he and Harvey have some much needed “bro” time. AKA – they drink in Harvey’s office together.

After another deposition, Louis runs into Daniel on the elevator, and he pretty much rips Daniel a new one. He goes so far that he threatens to kill him. Yes.. kill him. It’s an intense moment, but Daniel still seems pretty unaffected by the threat. Away from the office, Mike finds Monica again. This time he finds her to apologize because he figured out that Jessica set everything up the first time around. In an attempt to get her to settle, he asks her to read over the Folsom Foods case files. If she wins against Pearson/Hardman, all the women they’re trying to help will lose. Since Monica isn’t as evil as Daniel is, she, of course, settles.

When Mike gets back to the office, he and Rachel have another talk about Harvard. The realization hits them that she won’t be in the city any longer, and they won’t see each other for a while. That’s assuming she gets into Harvard, of course. We’ll see where this storyline goes. We’ll also have to see where the Donna/Harvey storyline goes because she obviously still has a crush on him. If only he could see it the same way we see it. That’s bound to play a bigger part in the future…

Next week: Harvey’s past with opposing counsel Scotty (from season 1) complicates things when she joins the war against Pearson/Hardman. The drama continues when Donna has her own problems with Scotty.