Suits - Season 2

The case against Folsom Foods continues in Normandy as the firm tries to prove that sexual discrimination exists within the company. While talking about the case with Jessica (Gina Torres), Harvey (Gabriel Macht) finds out that the firm is broke and can’t afford all of the cases they have open. That means they have to ditch most of their cases and only focus on one. Naturally, Harvey isn’t happy about this.

Everything gets a little crazy when Dana Scott (or Scotty as everyone calls her) comes back after her initial appearance in season one. For those of you that forget who Scotty is, think about the opposing counsel that sleeps with Harvey whenever they’re in the same town together. Yes, she’s back. Not only is she back, but her law firm wants to work with Pearson on the Folsom Foods cases. By the way, the firm is just Pearson now. The Hardman part is officially off the building.

Of course, Pearson agrees to work with Scotty’s firm since they can’t afford all of the cases by themselves. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) isn’t pleased with having to see Scotty, and there’s some obvious tension between these two ladies when it comes to Harvey. Before the claws can really come out, Harvey interrupts them to discuss the case.

Meanwhile, there’s an internal war going on between Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and the new associate Harvey hired a few episodes back. Katrina keeps holding it over Mike’s head that she’s a fifth year associate, so he has to do what she tells him to. At least they’re both working on the Folsom Foods case.

Suits - Season 2

Remember how important it was for Rachel (Meghan Markle) to get into Harvard? Well, she doesn’t get in. After she gets the letter, it distracts her from the rest of her work, and she doesn’t get the research done that she needs to for the Folsom Foods case. Luckily for her, Mike takes the blame, and he gets in trouble by Jessica. He doesn’t know that Rachel didn’t get into Harvard, though, so he just gets mad at her for not having her work finished.

While Rachel, Mike, and Katrina hold down the fort at the office, Harvey and Scotty are in Parkville, Missouri at one of the Folsom Foods plants. They’re trying to pull one over on Daniel (David Costabile), but he knows better. He shows up too, and they get into a deposition with one of the female managers at the plant. Thanks to the research done by Mike and Katrina, Harvey uses the argument that Folsom only promoted their client because she has ovarian cancer. Therefore, she’s unable to have children, and Folsom only promotes women who are no threat to having families. That’s definitely some sexual discrimination going on…

Things aren’t going so well at the office. Katrina continues to wage a war against Mike, and she pulls Rachel into the mix too. She basically makes Rachel stop doing real work, and instead, she has her make copies of documents. Why? Because she’s a fifth year, and she can tell a paralegal to whatever she wants.

While doing grunt work for Katrina, Rachel runs into Louis (Rick Hoffman.) She confides in him that she didn’t get into Harvard, and Louis is convinced it’s because of his failed relationship with the Harvard admissions officer. He swears he’s going to fix it. He tries, anyway. The admissions officer actually shows him all of the resumes she had to turn down, and it really is a matter of Rachel not being as good as the other applicants.

In their war, Mike steals one of Katrina’s documents so he can be the first one to show it to Jessica. It earns him brownie points because it’s exactly what they need to use Folsom’s own client against them. It’s an email from the owner that basically says he only hired her because she can’t have kids. Pearson is definitely going to win this case.

Suits - Season 2

After this little victory, Harvey happens to see Jessica with Scotty’s boss, and he realizes that they’re trying to plan a merger. He is not okay with this, and he takes it out on Scotty because she knew all along and didn’t tell him. He refuses to let the merger happen, but how exactly does he plan on stopping it? He always has something up his sleeve… He should really just be grateful that Scotty and her team helped them defeat Daniel.

After his failed attempts to get Rachel into Harvard, Louis goes back to the office to tell her the truth. However, he doesn’t. He lies. He tells her that it’s his fault she didn’t get in, and the admissions officer holds a personal grudge against him. He doesn’t have the heart to tell Rachel that she just wasn’t good enough. Louis sure does have his redeeming moments. He really does care about his people.

Next week: The war becomes internal when Harvey and Jessica face off against the merger. Jessica uses Mike against Harvey, and in the process, Mike may or may not get fired.