The fun-loving dynamic duo have finally returned. Zane vs. Zane starts off like most of season one started off. Drama free. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) are having a paper basketball tournament and using the trashcan as the hoop. There’s some playful banter exchanged before Jessica (Gina Torres) comes in and makes them get to work. There’s a new case coming to them. It’s tricky this time because it involves Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) dad.

Speaking of Mr. Robert Zane, he’s out to lunch with Rachel for her birthday. All seems to be going well until the subject of work comes up. He doesn’t seem to have much faith that she’s on the right career path. Needless to say, Rachel gets upset, and she leaves her own birthday lunch just so she won’t have to listen to him belittle her. Happy Birthday to you…

Remember the new associate Harvey hired a couple of episodes ago? Well, she’s back. Katrina (Amanda Schull) almost immediately goes to war with Louis (Rick Hoffman) after he harasses her for being the new girl. He expects she’ll give in to whatever he tells her to do, but with the help of Donna (Sarah Rafferty), she fights fire with fire.


Meanwhile, Rachel tells the boys that she wants to be on the case against her father. Not knowing what else to do, they agree. Robert tries to sneak around Harvey and make a deal with Jessica in their case. He’s mostly just really insulting and threatening, and we all know how Jessica reacts to threats. (In case you’e new here, she does not react well to this….) Game on.

It’s time for the deposition, and Robert realizes that his daughter is a part of the opposing team now. Naturally, he’s not happy, but he doesn’t hold back. He completely badgers their client and tells her she’s worthless. It hits home with Rachel because she thinks that’s also how he feels about her.

The war continues with Katrina and Louis as they continually put each other in terrible positions in their cases. She tells him the wrong court date. He gives her the wrong evidence to submit. She gets him arrested at the courthouse for carrying a “weapon.” By “weapon,” I really mean “a small nail clipper for his cuticles.”

Since the deposition didn’t go so well, Harvey goes to find Robert outside of the office. He wants to negotiate the settlement, but Robert takes it off the table entirely. He’s convinced their client is going to get nothing. But this show wouldn’t exist if Harvey lost cases so easily.

While Harvey fails miserably at talking sense into Robert, Mike and Rachel are hard at work in the records room. As it turns out, they have a case after all. The company Robert represents has had 134 other cases that prove Harvey’s client is telling the truth about being overlooked because she’s a woman. It’s not because she’s “useless” like Robert originally suggested.

Robert threatens to open up all 134 cases against Pearson/Hardman because he knows they don’t have the finances or the time to support all the cases. However, he agrees to leave it alone if Jessica will merge with him. He wants the new firm to be Pearson/Zane. That conversation mostly just leads to Jessica giving him a metaphorical middle finger. She’s ready for whatever war he wants to wage, but she won’t merge with his firm.

Some kind of sense finally snaps into Robert, and we finally see the human side of him. He finds Rachel and tells her that he’s going to drop the case. He realizes he picked a fight with the wrong firm because Pearson/Hardman is a family. Rachel seems to appreciate the sentiment, and the two agree to have lunch together again. Hopefully it goes better the second time around.

Not only does Rachel make progress with her dad, but she also makes progress with Mike. He gives her a framed copy of her LSAT scores as her birthday present, and for the first time since the Tess drama, it’s almost back to normal with them. Not quite, but it’s getting there.

As it turns out, Robert backing out of the case isn’t as gracious as he made it seem to Rachel. Yes, he’s backing out, but guess who his replacement is? Daniel Hardman.

Next week: Hardman is back… with a vengeance, and Harvey and Jessica have different ideas on how to take him down.