There’s never been a more fitting episode title, and it comes at the perfect time for the season finale. War starts in the middle of a heated conversation between Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Jessica (Gina Torres.) The only information we can gather from this shouting match is that Jessica is asking Mike to do something behind Harvey’s back. There’s a scene change with big letters that read “SIX NIGHTS EARLIER,” and now we can see how this drama unfolds.

There’s some swanky party happening with everyone from the firm, including Harvey (Gabriel Macht.) The party is hosted by Edward (Conleth Hill) and Scotty (Abigail Spencer) as an attempt to show the crew how great a merger could be. Unfortunately for them, Harvey has other plans. In fact, he goes right up to Edward and tells him that the merger isn’t going to happen, and he’s going to take their clients to court against them. Thus, a wager is formed.

Here’s the deal. If Harvey wins the case, they agree not to merge. Edward and Scotty will go on their merry ways back to London. However, if Edward wins, Harvey has to suck it up and be a team player in the merger. Plus, Jessica decides she’s going to make Harvey extend his contract so he can’t leave.

At this party, Louis (Rick Hoffman) meets his British equivalent from Edward’s firm, Nigel Nesbitt (Adam Godley.) As soon as they start arguing about who has been a part of more “mudding,” you know they’re kindred spirits. They don’t realize this, of course, and it’s all one big competition. It doesn’t help that Louis sees Nigel talking to Donna (Sarah Rafferty), which he considers off limits because Donna is his person, not Nigel’s. Basically, the two of them are in charge of coming up with efficiency lists if the merger should happen. That means they decide who they think is an asset to the company and who is not needed.

Meanwhile, Rachel (Meghan Markle) tells Mike that she didn’t get into Harvard, and she tells him that it’s because of Louis and his personal relationship with the admissions officer. Rachel decides she’s going to pursue the issue further and wants Mike’s help in showing that it’s not fair that she didn’t get in. He agrees to help, but he ends up going to Louis. Of course, Louis tells Mike the truth that Rachel just wasn’t good enough, but he doesn’t want to tell her that. If Louis doesn’t tell her, though, Mike will.

This next part really isn’t important to the episode, but it’s too funny to not post. Mike and Edward have a bit of a run-in outside of Harvey’s office, and this is how their conversation goes. Edward says, “Well his secretary isn’t present to announce me. It wouldn’t be proper.” Harvey calls out and asks what going on, and Mike yells back, “Kind of hard to explain. Have you ever seen Downton Abbey?” He then continues, “May I present Mr. Edward Darby of…” (For those of you who are not Downton Abbey fans, the show is all about propriety. As is Edward, apparently.)

Anyway, back on track. Edward basically establishes that his case is really strong, and Harvey is going to lose. Even Harvey realizes that his back is against the wall on this one, especially since Jessica is taking Edward’s side against Harvey. Jessica might be against Harvey, but Louis isn’t. He doesn’t want the merger to happen either, so he’s at Harvey’s service on this one.

And help, he does. Unfortunately, his help involves him accessing files that Harvey and Mike shouldn’t have, so technically, it’s cheating. Harvey doesn’t care, though. He’d rather cheat than lose the case and merge with Edward’s firm. It’s a nice effort, anyway. Jessica finds out about this little stunt, and she makes them give up the file they shouldn’t have had in the first place. It’s safe to say that Harvey and Jessica’s good relationship is completely gone. She makes it perfectly clear that she’s going to control him. Ouch.


While Harvey deals with that blow, Scotty goes to find Donna in the records room. The two of them don’t seem to like each other, but they don’t seem to hate each other either. Maybe it’s some kind of respectful annoyance. Either way, Scotty asks Donna if she’s in love with Harvey. Donna says no, of course. Good thing because that’s when Scotty admits that she’s in love with Harvey. That’s why she’s trying to get the merger through. She wants to be near him, and she can only seem to get his attention when they’re against each other in court.

In the aftermath of admitting her love for Harvey, Scotty decides to throw the case. If she’s going to win Harvey over, she has to make a sacrifice. She knows he’ll only stop being mad at her if the merger doesn’t happen. Unfortunately for her, Harvey thinks it’s a trick, and he doesn’t want her help. Luckily, Donna comes around to verbally slap some sense into Harvey. She essentially yells at him for being an idiot. He’s always fighting so hard to win cases, but he’s never fighting for his own personal life. Despite the pep talk from Donna, Harvey still doesn’t trust Scotty.

On a lighter note, Nigel and Louis become somewhat friends over drinks. They’ve both come to the conclusion that the company has no need for both of them, but they agree to keep each other’s names off the efficiency list so neither gets let go. Louis doesn’t hold up to his end of the bargain, though. That means Nigel will probably get fired if the merge ends up happening. We’ll see.

Now we’re back full circle to the opening scene of Mike and Jessica duking it out. If there was ever a reason to like Jessica before, there certainly aren’t any reasons now. She’s really turned into a power-hungry villain. She tells Mike that if he and Harvey don’t lose the case, she’s going to report him to the district attorney. That means he’ll probably go to jail for practicing law without a degree. The only thing Mike can do is throw the case.


Naturally, Harvey is very angry when he finds out they lost the case, and it’s Mike’s fault. There’s a shouting match happening, but before Harvey can truly give Mike a lashing, Jessica shows up to join the brawl. Harvey tries to fire Mike, but Jessica won’t let him. She sends Mike on his way so she can finish up with Harvey. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go well. Looks like Jessica might be our main villain in season 3.

After his fight with Jessica, Harvey finds Scotty. She tells him that she got fired for trying to help him, and they say their goodbyes. This doesn’t sit well with Harvey. He goes to find Edward to welcome him to the firm and ask that Scotty gets her job back. Surprisingly, he agrees, and he asks Harvey if he should have her work there or in London. Silence before the scene change. Who knows how he answered?

And the romantic build-up many of you have waited for – Mike and Rachel finally kiss. And do a whole heck of a lot more. In the records room. For anyone to walk in on them. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened. One second, Mike admits that he never went to law school, and Rachel slaps him. Twice. And the next second, they’re making out against the shelves like wild animals.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of season 2. The new season is coming this summer. Stay tuned.