Top 5 Vampire Movies of All-Time

The Twilight series may have brought sexy back to the world of vampires, but attractive blood suckers have been lighting up the silver screen since the first Dracula-inspired film in 1910. That’s right; your great-grandmother totally fantasized about unlacing her corset for a sexy vampire before Edward got the Spanish Flu. Vampires have scared and aroused audiences in over 170 movies throughout the last hundred years … if you haven’t explored the world of blood-sucking sex symbols or you’d like to expand your vampire-viewing experience, these classics offer something succulent for every taste.

According to Cami Hadley at, vampires don’t make the cut when it comes to the best horror films ever, but the numbers don’t lie and the audience shows that great killer vamp movies are popular.

Vampires have scared and aroused audiences in over 170 movies throughout the last hundred years … if you haven’t explored the world of blood sucking sex symbols, or you’d like to expand your vampire viewing experience, these five classic vampire films offer something succulent for every taste.

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996)

“From Dusk Till Dawn” is a quintessential Tarantino/Rodriguez meets “Goodfellas.” This gory romp cross-country is about two criminals and their hostages unknowingly seek temporary refuge in an establishment populated by vampires, with crazy results in involving strippers. Salma Hayek plays Santnico Pandemonium, a ravenous female vampire/ showgirl whose viciousness is only matched by her hot body. Probably not the best film for a date night, but remains a modern classic.

‘Dracula’ (1931)

For the artsy type who takes delight in expanding their cultural and historical views, this vampire feature gave audience members new sound technology, and the first appearance of a sexy Dracula. Bela Lugosi stars as the rich and cultured count who moves to England and preys upon the innocent and beautiful Mina, whose blood he fuses with hers as he takes control of her. Every movie buff should see this classic.

‘Daybreakers’ (2009)

“Daybreakers” makes the list because it dives into a world where vampires have taken over the world and are running out of human blood, if a synthetic solution isn’t quickly found, the whole world will turn into hideous, barely-sentient beasts. Ethan Hawke plays Edward Dalton, an introspective, brilliant and gorgeous scientist who allies with a minority group of humans looking to retain their identity and find a cure. A great movie night, appeals to the thrill seeker and the dork in all of us.

‘The Lost Boys’ (1987)

If you like ’80s classics, this score is right up your alley. “The Lost Boys” features the two Corey’s (Haim and Feldman) at their teen-angsty best. The film chronicles a single mother as she moves cross-country with her two sons. The sons grow suspicious of the local youth culture, and the eldest is soon bewitched by the young and beautiful star, and finds himself in a sticky situation. A true ’80s staple, you can never go wrong with a movie that features vampires AND surf Nazi parties.

‘Interview With the Vampire’ (1994)

“Interview with the Vampire” is arguably the best vampire film made in the last two decades. Tom Cruise (before he went crazy and got old) plays Lestat, a sociopathic decadence-fiend who turns a gorgeous Brad Pitt into vampire Louis. Only vamp-tot Kirsten Dunst inspires Louis to retain some semblance of his humanity as he struggles through decades of darkness. Did we mention Antonio Banderas also plays powerful, sexy vampire Armand? This film has it all; fear, lust, adventure, drama, romance, and a buffet of gorgeous men. Next time you’re in the mood to fang around, be sure to check it out.