Now that the cast and creator of Veronica Mars have succeeded in reaching — and surpassing — their goal of raising a cool $2 million to produce and shoot a big-screen adaptation of the cult TV drama (with its original cast!), the inevitable is upon us: dozens and dozens of Kickstarter campaigns thinking they can raise a crapload of money and flood people’s inboxes and news feeds with donation requests. For anyone living in Los Angeles, this may sound familiar with friends who seem to work on a new independent project every other month.

This recent and growing phenomenon brings up a lot of talking points and demonstrates how powerful and influential a singular fanbase can be. It also proves that it doesn’t hurt to have a few solid connections in Tinseltown; according to some naysayers, the rate at which the Veronica Mars funds came pouring in is a little too crazy to be true.

Regardless, this slice of pop culture goodness has gotten me excited for the revival of everyone’s favorite plucky blonde detective…and has made me wonder about other TV shows that deserve a similar second chance in movie theaters:

url-11. Pushing Daisies – ABC’s charming mystery-fantasy series about a pie maker who can bring the dead back to life has all the makings of a big-screen wonder. Colorful, Tim Burton-like production design. Sparkling dialogue. And two leads whose chemistry is pure magic. Unfortunately, the names Lee Pace and Anna Friel have yet to be on everyone’s lips and guarantee even a decent opening at the box office.

2. Freaks and Geeks – It would be like American Reunion, but ten times better! The amount of famous names who have graduated from NBC’s coming-of-age one-season wonder is enough reason to bring this to theaters: James Franco, Seth Rogen, John Francis Daley, and Jason Segel to name a few. And it would still be a period piece! This time set in the mid-90s, focusing on the successes and expected failures of our favorite characters. Judd Apatow, you’re welcome.

3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Joss Whedon’s supernatural epic is already running an eighth and ninth season in comic book form, but a big-screen (and bigger budgeted) adaptation would kick ass in all the right ways. There’s already been rumors of Fox rebooting the franchise, which quite frankly, leaves fans like myself shaking their heads with pessimism and worry.


4. Alias – Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber, and Bradley Cooper recently reunited at this year’s Golden Globe Awards (above) and expressed that a reunion movie would be awesome…and fans everywhere stood up and tweeted their hearts out, demanding that this become a reality. This should be a no-brainer given Cooper’s increased clout in Hollywood and J.J. Abrams’s name attached to this property. Besides, Garner needs to jump out of Ben Affleck’s shadow for a while and get back to what she does best: playing a vulnerable woman who’s been betrayed by her peers and knows how to render a bad guy unconscious with a proper karate-kick.

5. Reaper – This CW show was loaded with the right kind of slacker humor and schtick that made movies like Zombieland and Warm Bodies such hits. A 21-year-old dude who reluctantly becomes a bounty hunter for the Devil? With scene-stealing sidekicks? It’s screaming for a trilogy, at least.

6. Chuck – Like Alias, it involves a world superspies, but it has its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. Who wouldn’t want to see Zach Levi complete one more mission while munching on a — product placement alert! — Subway sandwich?

7. Roswell – Sure, I Am Number Four attempted to bank on the teenaged alien genre back in 2011 (and failed), but this show, based on another series of YA novels, features more characters audiences can relate to. Sorry, Alex Pettyfer, but you have the charisma of a piece of cardboard.

8. Felicity – I’ve always wondered where UNY’s Class of 2002 would be now. Is our curly-haired heroine still married to Ben? (for those of you wondering, check out @FelicityCoving on Twitter) Is Noel still pursuing his artistic endeavors? Is Javier still managing Dean and Deluca? (Wait, don’t answer. I may have forgotten what happened in season 4)

9. Quantum Leap – A time-traveling scientist who hops into people’s bodies in order to right some wrongs…Anyone?

10. And finally…My So-Called Life – 90s nostalgia is sooooo in right now, and Clare Danes reprising her role in a tender, indie-flavored drama about a group of outcasts reuniting over a long weekend to swap stories and deal with life in their 30s sounds like cinema heaven.

– Hiko Mitsuzuka (@TheFirstEcho)