It seems a long time ago that the annual Oscar award ceremony was only about being glamorous and classy.  Over time this obviously became boring for viewers and it was up to the Academy to find ways to keep its ratings high.  This has been a rocky road for the Academy as it has spent at least a decade or longer trying to find hosts to make that happen.  

It’s tough to not be biased and people have their favorites – enter most recently Seth MacFarlane who now holds the highest ratings with viewers.  He has drawn some negative criticism – mostly due to his “We Saw Your Boobs” song and various other cracks mostly towards women.   Not that this should come as any surprise since he isn’t necessarily the first person we think of when we are thinking “family clean fun”.   

It seems the Oscars have pretty much tried all of it over the past 85 ceremonies, going from clean to risky while still trying to maintain the classy themes.   Legends like Bob Hope, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Billy Crystal have done it multiple times and apparently it’s been tough to find a new crop of hosts to carry the torch. We have seen the likes of an over-the-top Hugh Jackman, along with maybe the worst of ratings going to Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  Hosts like Ricky Gervais from the Golden Globes were fun, but probably too much like MacFarlane – and offensive doesn’t seem to be working out.  So who will be the host for 2014?   Let’s take a look at some of our picks…

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy-Kimmel-EmmysWith his awkward everyman personality, yet quick and funny wit – the ABC late night host has managed to garner a huge fan base and is highly liked by his peers.   Therefore if anyone has the ability to pull off an Oscar ceremony, Kimmel seems to have the right resume.   With a already successful hosting of the recent Emmys, while also entertaining President Obama at the annual White House Correspondent Dinner – it appears Kimmel would be a front runner.

Mel Gibson
melgibsonThis would never happen and I am probably the only one with this vote.  Yet, we have seen weirder moments happen in Hollywood.   It would definitely be unexpected and if anyone was going to watch their tongues the most, you can bet Mel would.   Pun intended.

Tina Fey
Tina-Fey-Golden-GlobesShe got rave reviews for her co-hosting of the Golden Globes, and may be the only coveted female since Whoopi Goldberg that could pull it off clean.  Yet Fey claims “no way” and remarks that the amount of dresses alone that a female host would have to rehearse under, turns her off.

Jim Carrey
Jim-CarreyThe man was born to perform.   What else can be said?  He might be a little too over-the-top with his comedy, but so was Robin Williams.

Mickey Rourke
Mickey-RourkeThis would definitely be entered into the “weird and interesting” category, but if anyone can pull off the type of rebound Mick did with his career…why not host the Oscars?  He almost won one for The Wrestler.

Conan O’Brien
Conan-O-BrienThis is one possible host that seems to be the most underrated – but fan polls show that many would like the Academy to give him a try.  He has done well with the Emmys and his wacky wit paired with some borderline edginess gives him that right amount of heat that the Oscar producers may be looking for.   Besides, wasn’t he the one that got ousted by NBC?  If that’s not a “shoe-in”, what is?  Speaking of which….

Joel McHale
Joel-McHaleHe is indeed the only host of The Soup that has been able to fill the shoes of the former host Greg Kinnear, and with his portrayal of Jim Winger on the NBC show Community, McHale gets major thumbs up for the Oscar spot.   His smart, witty, yet sarcastic humor is sure to give viewers and the Academy a ceremony worth watching.

Justin Timberlake
Justin-TimberlakeSinging, dancing and acting – the guy is a triple threat, and can hold his own when it comes to comedy.  Case in point – his SNL hosting and “Dick in the Box” skit with Andy Samberg obviously pulled major laugh-time; but his humor could come across as a little too edgy for the Academy.  However it seems the guy has toned it down a bit since married life, so maybe the timing is perfect.

Robert Downey Jr.
Robert-Downey-JrWho doesn’t love this guy?  To be honest, Downey would probably say no to hosting the show – he’s too cool for it.  But it’s this exact reason that would make it great to see him give it a whirl.

Who has your vote?