This awards season was a broken record with the same actors and movies getting all the accolades. Daniel Day-Lewis and Christoph Waltz were nonstop silver foxes, Argo was the best movie ever and Life of Pi was a visual sensation. However, it’s none of the above who have caused an all-out war. Somehow the world has been torn in two by the actresses who won every top honor this past year; Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway. It’s funny how both were pegged winners and always won, but somehow it’s Anne who’s getting all the hate, not Jennifer. Why? It’s because Jennifer doesn’t come across as the next Meryl Streep; the Taylor Swift of winning. You know that “Oh my god, I won? How crazy” face that Meryl, Swift and Anne all do; it’s annoying. That, along with acceptance speeches that seem lukewarm are the reasons Jennifer Lawrence reigns supreme over the two. Plus, Jennifer comes across as a regular human being, while Anne again, lukewarm.

Anne Hathaway has been in our lives much longer than Jennifer; that is true. So despite Anne giving amazing performances in The Princess Diaries and most recently Les Miserables, we have cast her aside and put Jennifer in her place. Reason number one for that is when Anne wins an award, her reaction is counterfeit surprise stacked on top of a speech that people only remember for being mediocre. Jennifer, now that’s a girl who can make a memorable speech. She of course is as serious about her career as any other actor, but knows she didn’t win a Nobel Peace prize. Jennifer makes light of her wins by sprinkling them with pop culture references. So much so you’d think they were an episode of Community.

As far as their off screen personalities, Jennifer takes the crown again. It’s not like we know them, we’re not hanging out with Jennifer in Hawaii or Anne in New York. All we know is what they give us in interviews on Late Night shows and in magazines. Anne might just be less fun because she’s got eight years on Lawrence, but she’s still a young woman who you’d think could be a little more carefree, nope. It’s always forgettable business with Anne. Anyone remember anything she said on the Oscar red carpet? Nope, but we do remember her hideous dress and the backstory of it. She apparently threw a fit over Les Mis co-star Amanda Seyfried wearing something similar to what she had originally wanted to wear.

Jennifer on the other hand is a true American darling. She walked up that carpet starving and made note of it, hinting at the McDonald’s that was right across the street the entire time. Plus, even if you don’t watch her movies, her interviews on shows like Conan make you love her. She’s always telling some hilarious tale, like the time she fangirled John Stamos.

There you have it, the reasons why Team Jennifer seems to be trumping Team Anne. Jennifer appears to be a down to Earth girl who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, while Anne is one of those uptight actresses who will probably win a huge honor one day and go on and on like uber-serious Jodie Foster. Both girls are talented, there’s no denying that, but when it comes to who you’d rather see on your TV and movie screens? 2013 is Jennifer Lawrence’s year, so Anne better lay low for the rest of it.