Bad news, gang – things are looking pretty grim for Smash. Starting in April, NBC has decided to move our beloved trainwreck to Saturday nights, likely burning off the rest of the season before canceling it forever. Don’t act surprised; you saw this coming. Be grateful that it costs NBC a whopping four million dollars to produce a single episode of this beautiful nightmare so that we can at least hopefully see Bombshell get to Broadway.

Speaking of things that probably won’t happen, Derek is directing Hit List in a basement theatre somewhere in the pits of either Astoria or hell? Jimmy is still a peach and a doll about the professional Broadway director taking him under his wing, and will not shut up about the toll the changes to his script have taken on his creativity. Kid, you live in an office building and are in love with Karen Cartwright. You could use some direction.

Tom is struggling to direct Bombshell in his own way, as he cannot use Derek’s choreography without permission. Turns out he’s awful and the show is awful and nobody is going to see this awful show. Karen says she misses Derek and Tom almost slaps her. I wish he would.

Eileen and Julia (and Katie, Eileen’s daughter from the first season whom I forgot existed?) are searching tirelessly for something, anything to incriminate Jerry for his just general overall awfulness, and return Bombshell back to Eileen’s name and control. While going through a batch of papers, Julia discovers that Eileen owns the rights to many of Marilyn Monroe’s journals. Wow, she has a lot more money that I ever thought.

This means that when Julia used those journals to write Bombshell, she was using material that Eileen owned, and Eileen only – NOT YOU JERRY. Now, helping Jerry understand that he’s a garbage person who needs to go away forever took more convincing, but Katie threatening to never see him again did the trick. Bombshell is officially an Eileen Rand production once more. Rot in hell with Ellis, Jerry.

Meanwhile (I love peppering that in, it makes me feel like my recaps are Sex and the City episodes), Ivy is still being underappreciated over at Liasons, which is somehow already on stage and predictably awful. She and Terry decide that if they’re going to go down, they’re going to go down in a “blaze of glory” and amp up the show’s camp factor to its post-Terry mental breakdown incarnation. It does not go well, and the show winds up closing after one run.

The show gives us the only song of the night, sung by Sean Hayes. I don’t even know what it was called, but it was about him sleeping with a lot of women. I was trying to explain to a first-time Smash watcher how the old episodes used to pack in multiple songs; that was a better show.

At the Liasons premiere, Derek showed up with Jimmy and Kyle, while Tom came with Karen on his arm. It was very West Side Story when they bumped into each other. I honestly don’t understand the appeal of Karen Cartwright, but all the men were just enamored over her. She looked very pretty in her sequin dress, I’ll give her that. Anyway, everyone “exchanged words” and it was very tense.

After congratulating Ivy at the stage door, Karen notices how Tom’s face lights up as he talks to his friend, and something clicks. Karen is not the Marilyn for his vision, for the version of Bombshell that he is directing – Ivy is and always was. Now that Liasons has closed, she can fulfill her dream of playing Marilyn again, and Karen is free to join Jimmy and Derek in Hit List.

Is Jennifer Hudson still on this show?