HP Trio

They enchanted us with their adventures, made us wish flying cars were real and taught us to fear “He Who Must Not Be Named.” Now the kids of the Harry Potter movie series are all grown up and back to being muggles. Their acting talents, however, remain anything but ordinary. Here are what the most popular Harry Potter kids have been doing since their graduation from Hogwarts.
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter):


Radcliffe’s first post-Potter film was The Woman in Black, a horror movie in which Radcliffe played a father and widower who tries to stop a child-killing ghost. He also assumed the role of a doctor’s alter ego in a four-part TV series based on the short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov, called A Young Doctor’s Notebook. This year, Radcliffe will star as a young Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings, a film about a murder that brings three 1940s poets together (the film already premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and critics typically enjoyed Radcliffe’s performance). He’s also set to play Dr. Frankenstein’s sidekick, Igor, in director Paul McGuigan’s adaptation of Frankenstein for FOX Entertainment.
Emma Watson (Hermione Granger):


Watson’s film career might have debuted with the Harry Potter series, but it certainly hasn’t ended with it. In 2011 she played the love interest of writer Colin Clark in the Oscar-nominated My Week with Marilyn. She received positive critical acclaim for her 2012 performance as Sam in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, a coming-of-age movie based on the novel of the same name. According to IMDb.com, Watson is also starring in four upcoming productions and is rumored to have been cast as the title role in director Kenneth Branagh’s adaptation of Cinderella.  
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley):

RG White

“Bloody Hell, Harry! Your redheaded BFF is shooting at German aircraft!” Yes, Grint traded in Ron’s wand for an English fighter jet in the movie Into the White, which will hit theaters on April 12th of this year. Grint also acted alongside Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood in a romantic film called The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this past February. The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Grint has also been cast to play the title role in a CBS comedy pilot called Super Clyde!, which CBS might or might not serialize.
Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley):


Her character may have snagged Harry’s heart in the Harry Potter movies, but Wright herself just might snag an award for Best Director one day. The now 22-year-old directed and wrote the screenplay for her own short film last year, titled Separate We Come, Separate We Go. As if this weren’t impressive enough, she also founded her own production company called Bon Bon Lumiere. She continues to act as well, and her most recent movie—The Philosophers—has just completed production.
Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy):

Tom F

“Stupid POTTER!” We may never get to hear Felton say those words again, but we’ve seen him portray other villains since Harry Potter. In Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Felton played the hot-tempered Dodge Landon, who irritated the apes so much that they killed him when he ran at them with a cattle prod. Felton did, though, display his acting range when he played a striving British golfer in From the Rough and a paranormal researcher in The Apparition. This year he will portray a soldier in a WWII war film called Grace and Danger.
Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood): 

Luna L

Following the conclusion of Harry Potter, Lynch did photo shoots for JustJared.com and Runway magazine in 2012. She also played Alehna in the TV show Sinbad This year, she reprised her role as Lovegood in A Very Potter Senior Year, the final part of StarKid Productions’ Harry Potter musical spoofs (the complete video of the play will be available on YouTube this year). She also began acting in a comedic film called G.B.F. (Gay Best Friend)—which also stars Megan Mullally and Rebecca Gayheart—and a dramatic film about serial killer Roy Fontaine titled Monster Butler.
Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom):

Matt L

Lewis made appearances on four British television shows before he landed the role of Neville Longbottom. After Harry Potter, he returned to TV to play the role of Jamie in a five-part BBC miniseries titled The Syndicate. He also took to the stage and portrayed a blunt soldier named Mick in a comedic play called Our Boys, which was nominated for Most Inspiring West End Show in the West End Frame Awards. Lewis’s most recent film—a crime drama called Wasteland—was shown at both the Santa Barbara Film Festival and the Jameson International Film Festival in Dublin this past month.
Katie Leung (Cho Chang):

Katie L as Chang

Leung said in an interview that she almost quit acting after the Harry Potter series, since she did not feel confident that she obtained the role of Harry Potter’s first love based on her acting ability. However, after taking a summer course in drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, she realized she wanted to continue pursuing acting as a career. In February 2012, Leung made her stage debut in Wild Swans, a drama based on a memoir of the same name by author Jung Chang (Leung portrayed a young Chang in the play). This March she will also make her television debut as a Chinese illegal immigrant in Run, a four-part miniseries.
James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley):

Oliver & James Phelps - Actors

The Weasley twins may be known as the jokesters of the Harry Potter series, but the real Fred and George have been very active in a cause that’s no laughing matter: raising money for cancer research. In 2011 the Phelps twins went skydiving to raise money for teenagers with cancer, and this year they accepted a check worth 20,000 pounds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Regarding their acting careers, James starred in two short films in 2012: Ward 3 (a horror film which has not yet been released to the public) and The Turn, in which James plays a thriving young comedian. This past February, James made his stage debut in the comedic play The Boy Who Was Woody Allen as John O’Leary, an 18-year-old Catholic boy who dreams of becoming Woody Allen. Oliver has not starred in any movies since Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but he has taken up travel writing and chronicles his adventures on his website, JopWorld.com.
Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory):


Following his performance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pattinson portrayed vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight film series, as well as the male leading role in the 2010 romance Remember Me. But Pattinson is more than just a supernatural and human heartthrob. He also took on interesting roles such as Salvador Dali in Little Ashes and Jacob in the film adaptation of the popular novel Water for Elephants. He is currently filming The Rover, a Western futuristic flick set in the Australian desert.
Jamie Waylett and Josh Herdman (Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle):

Jamie Waylett

Perhaps Waylett has the most dismal post-Potter history. He already had troubles with the law back in 2009, when police discovered bags of marijuana in Waylett’s car and marijuana plants in his mother’s home. In March 2012, an English jury found him guilty of violent disorder and sentenced him to two years in prison for taking part in the 2011 London Riots. Cameras caught Waylett holding a petrol bomb and drinking from a stolen champagne bottle during the riots, but the jury did not find him guilty of harmful intent.



In 2009, Herdman was also caught smoking marijuana, albeit legally in Holland (whatever did Snape do to these Syltherins?). Unlike Waylett, however, Herdman’s career has continued to thrive. Following the last Harry Potter flick, Herdman starred in a crime-centric film called The Estate Film and a thriller titled Piggy. This month, he played Simon in the romantic drama Common Peoplewhich weaves six stories of thirty characters together in a way that brings Love Actually to mind.