As sure as the ominous howls of the Santa Ana winds, the times they are a-changin’. And by that, I mean the Winter/Spring schedule is slowly making way for a whole new Summer Season. Here’s to the old, but in with the new!


1. Suburgatory

I know it’s not nearly as buzzy as Modern Family or New Girl, nor is it as absurdly wacky as Happy Endings or Community, but this consistently funny look at life in the modern burbs features one of the best comic ensembles on TV. After a slightly uneven season, the show has snapped back to top form with a dishy revenge plotline involving Tessa (Jane Levy) and her frenemy-turned-nemesis/future step-sis (say that 5 times), Dalia Royce (Carly Chaikin). Plus, it would really be nice to see  Cheryl Hines or Ana Gasteyer see some much-deserved love at Emmy time, but I’m not holding my breath. Season finale airs tonight!


2. Rebel Wilson

Am I the only one who thinks that the MTV Movie Awards, as of late, have become a bit like airplane sex? Annoying, underwhelming, and incredibly uncomfortable, but apparently “worth it just to say you did it”. Something about watching the newest CW star and his country singer/model/actress/dancer girlfriend talk about appearing in Twilight 7 as somewhat more established (aka, older) stars desperately court the almighty tween dollar has soured me to this once subversively funny homage to “cool movies”. Thank God Rebel stopped by to shake a bit of the dust off and poke some fun at the pretentiousness. Naturally she hit the show’s famous movie-ribbing sketches out of the park, even bringing back a likable Franco, but it was her dynamite on-stage presence and uncensored mouth that truly made the show watchable this year.


3. HBO’s Vice

A few weeks ago, the politicos were saying that Dennis Rodman was the only Westerner to actually have seen North Korea with his own eyes. Clearly they didn’t watch the 2006 Vice Guide To Travel, in which Vice co-founder and fearlessly intrepid journalist Shane Smith reports from the frontlines of some of the world’s most dangerous places — Lil Kim’s kingdom included. Of course the North Korea segment was devastatingly eye-opening, but it might not actually have been as terrifying as the one on Liberia. Haven’t seen it? There’s always Netflix! But you’re not too late to catch Smith and his fellow reporters doing more of the same death-defying and crucial work on their weekly Bill Maher-produced series. Somewhere Edward R. Murrow is smiling.


4.  Henry Cavill as Superman

I’ve admitted that I’m not the biggest comic book fan, but I am however, always a sucker for a handsome do-gooder. Especially when they are as strappingly perfect as Mr. Cavill. Wait, who’s he playing again? I keep losing my train of thought.


5. The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

I wasn’t exactly feeling Part One as it focused too much on Miss Kenya Moore and her cray cray (I did appreciate the fan though) but with Part Two ‘s verbal smackdown delivered to Phaedra “Shady Fay Fay” Parks, care of NeNe “Bloop Bloop” Leakes, I am back on board and it’s full speed ahead for Part Three.

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