It’s all about the guys (for the most part) in this weeks Buzz!


1. Family Tree

This new HBO series stars Bridesmaids funny guy and undeniable scene-stealer Chris O’Dowd as a down on his luck 30-something who receives a mysterious family heirloom that soon sets him on a quest to discover his own genealogy. Never mind the plot though, Family Tree is actually an improvised mockumentary series from the hilariously skewed mind of Christopher Guest (Waiting For Guffman, Best in Show), and features appearances by many of his usual cohorts including Michael McKean and Jim Piddick (who also happens to be co-creator). Do I really need to try to sell this?


2. Gary Cole on Veep

Just because Julia Louis-Dreyfus teaches a master class on comedic acting during every episode of this whip smart beltway comedy, that doesn’t mean that her co-stars aren’t just as capable of bringing the funny. From Anna Chlumsky’s eternally overworked Amy (who knew you’d grow into such a talented funny lady, Veda?) to Timothy Simons’s arrogant dork king, Jonah, the supporting cast routinely wrings every laugh out of Armando Iannuci’s hilariously loquacious scripts. I’m giving this shout out to Gary Cole though because his prickly POTUS-repping Kent Davison seems to get under Selena Meyer’s skin like no one else, leading to some of the funniest exchanges/profanity laced tirades of season 2.


3. Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid in At Any Price

Well, it could have been ‘Disney Does the Heartland’, or worse, Michael Bay meets Nascar- adrenaline porn. Instead, Rahmin Bahrani’s darkly complex At Any Price eviscerates the romantic image that we have of our own fertile plains and the men who make their living off them. Quaid and Efron play a father and son who are both struggling to survive amid the mafia-like world of large scale monopolized farming. Good thing both “pretty boys” bring their A-games, giving fierce and dedicated performances that will stay with you long after this surprising little movie has ended.


4. Riz Ahmed of The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Aka Riz MC in his native UK, this Londoner with Pakistani roots seems as indefinable as the living enigma he plays in Mira Nair’s thought-provoking new thriller. Oxford educated and possessed of a matinee idol’s cheekbones and smile, Ahmed burns up the screen with an intelligence and vitality that reminds me of a prettier Joseph Gordon-Levitt . Naturally, he also holds his own amongst pros like Liev Schriber and Kiefer Sutherland, giving a  poignant and brutal performance that more than makes up for the presence of a terribly miscast Kate Hudson.


Big Rich Atlanta

If I actually believed in guilty pleasures, I might call this one, but I have no shame in watching the crazy antics of these mother daughter terrible twosomes (and one threesome) as they slap, hair pull, and backstab their way through Hotlanta society. My favorite is Meghan, an Elle Woods clone who seems to lack only her cinematic doppleganger’s Harvard Degree and abilty to form a coherent thought. Oh yeah, and Q from 112’s wife and daughter are on the show too, so we finally get to see where all that Cupid money went!