Hurry up!  It’s time to put down the Timberlake CD, stop obsessively searching Game of Thrones fanpages, and finally file those damn taxes, because there are more important things demanding your attention.

1. Louis C.K., Oh My God

Ok, generally I can’t stand the fact that in the stand-up world, one comedian always has to be the hero of the month, garnering all the attention from fanboys and  “comedy aficionados” who blast anything that isn’t the current flavor. That being said, every once in a while the blowhards are right. So pretentious comedy hipsters, stop telling me how brilliant this guy is; I already know! What I was unaware of was that Louis has never had an HBO comedy special. I say it’s about damn time!

*UPDATE* Louis did have an hourlong HBO special back in 2007, called Shameless.

2. Jurassic Park 3-D

Was it really twenty years ago that my young mind was blown by Spielberg’s action-packed dino classic? I can remember being unable to get out of my theater seat, clothes soaked through with sweat, eyeballs emblazoned with some of the most spectacular images I had ever seen on screen. And yet, the wonder and sheer awe that the film inspired within my pre-pubescent self has never dissipated. Naturally, I’m all over this re-release. The game-changing special effects have of course, held up spectacularly, but the 3D looks fantastic, and I can’t wait to be 10-years-old again!

3. Shia LaBeouf in The Company You Keep

Say what you will about this restless and occasionally troubled young man, but he continues to prove he’s one of the best actors of his generation, consistently churning out fully realized, go-for-broke on-screen performances. Of course, his latest project is no exception, and finds the actor not only carrying the moral weight of the film, but also more than holding his own with some of the best actors in the business, including his director, Robert Redford. Just don’t tell Alec Baldwin that I said that.
s1 Jane Levy 202_FULL

4. Jane Levy

Am I psyched about the Evil Dead remake? Well… Not exactly. But I am ecstatic that the talented Jane Levy has finally received her first starring role on the big screen. I must say though, Jane, please don’t you dare go on to bigger and better things and leave me hanging like you did after Shameless’s first season; your laid back style and witty comic sensibility makes Suburgatory one of my favorite shows on TV. Oh alright, I’ll share you with the cinema, but only because they’d be lucky to have you!

5. The Brass Teapot

I’ve already shouted the praises of Juno Temple to all who will listen, but now it’s time I showed this quirky and dark modern fairy tale some love. Featuring a cast of familiar faces from some of the most indelible shows in the history of television, this film is a must see for any pop culture junkie. We’re talking, Michael Angarano (Will & Grace), Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), Bobby Moynihan (Saturday Night Live) Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) and Jack McBrayer (30 Rock). Need more, I challenge you to spot the cameo by Veep‘s Matt Walsh. And you thought I was exaggerating!