DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Episode 1605" - Nine remaining couples hit the dance floor and faced an exciting new challenge MONDAY, APRIL 15 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET). In another first for "Dancing with the Stars," a new twist called "Len's Side By Side Challenge" tasked each couple to perform a portion of their individual dance alongside a pro dance couple.  (ABC/Adam Taylor) SEAN LOWE, PETA MURGATROYDIt’s Steve Wonder night on Dancing with the Stars so that means some of the music will actually be good (No offense Harold Wheeler).

Zenday & Val:  Zendaya wants a ten from Len for her Cha Cha.  Obviously that doesn’t happen but the dance is good because Zendaya is professional dancer.  Len says, “I’m telling you girl that’s the way to start a show.”  Bruno says, “You can Cha Cha me anytime you want.”  Carrie Ann says, “You blew me away.”  Judges’ Score: 29.

Andy & Sharna: They are really trying to concentrate on “technique” for their samba this week but I say bring back the zip line and guy liner.  Bruno calls it “a splendid jumble of a Samba.”  Carrie Ann says she had to think, “What dance is he doing?”  Len says, “I want you to come out and do what you do and give us fun.” Judges’ Score: 18. 

Sean & Peta:  After his best dance last week Sean struggles with the hip action in the Samba.  I’m not surprised.  I did see an article with the headline “Virgin Bachelor.”  Oh and he also missed a full day of rehearsal because apparently he’s has something to do other than DWTS.  Sean struggles through the dance in an unfortunate buttonless blazer.  It proceeds to become more unfortunate when he removes the blazer and we see his hairless armpits. Carrie Ann tells him to “get an iPod.”  Len says, “It’s not terrible.”  Bruno says, “Look on the bright side you can always get a job as a stripper.”  Judges’ Score: 21.

Ally & Mark: Ally struggles with her Foxtrot given the events in Boston, which is her hometown.   Ally pulls it off and Mark even gets to wear a Fedora.  Len says, “It was a foxy Foxtrot.”  Bruno says, “ I think you’re technique is a very very good.”  Carrie Ann says, “I see you really connected to your emotions.” Judges’ Score: 27.

Stevie intermission.  Stevie stands in the middle of the ballroom singing “You Can Feel It All Over” while dancers grind up on him.  He can feel it all right… I’m uncomfortable.

Ingo and Kym: Ingo wants to break out of the bottom of the pack with his Tango.  The dance is okay but Kym basically looks like she’s being dragged around the dance floor “Weekend at Bernie’s” style.  Bruno says, “Overall that is the way to do it.”  Carrie Ann says, “Finally welcome to the game.”  Len says, “Bingo Ingo.” Judges’ Score: 24.

Kellie & Derek:  Derek continues to show the world that there’s a lot of darkness behind those dimples by being borderline abusive to the sweetest person ever – Kellie Pickler.  Of course Kellie’s Quickstep ends up being great because fear is an amazing motivator.  Carrie Ann says, “Everything about it was perfect except there was some space in your hold.”  Len says, “For me that’s the best dance I’ve seen.”  Bruno says, “Superb.” Judges’ Score: 29.

Victor & Lindsay:  Victor is having problems with his Rumba because a girl broke is heart.  Also he’s NEVER slow danced with a girl before.  Well lucky for him, his first “slow dance” is in a white sheer blouse.  Len says, “You coped very well.  Well done.”  Bruno says, “At times it looked like an airline safety drill.”  Carrie Ann says, “There’s a real wonderful chemistry happening.” Judges’ Score: 18.

Jacoby & Karina:  Jacoby tries to correct his feet for the Quickstep but then decides he’s just going to dance.  Solid plan.   And the plan ended up including a legit split.  Bruno says, “Your energy is amazing.”  Carrie Ann says, “You surprise me.”  Len says, “This dance doesn’t suit you.” Judges’ Score: 23.

Team Paso – Ingo, Zendaya Victor & Jacoby:  After a relatively good start, Team Paso begins to struggle.  There’s a lot happening during the actual performance but the costumes are really cool I guess?  And besides I’m a sucker for some creative cape work.  Len says, “I thought you did a good job. Well done.”  Bruno says, “You have to be careful of the sync.”  Carrie Ann says, “This was a little bit broken.”  Judges Score: 22. 

Team Samba – Andy, Kellie, Ally and Sean: After “Mean Dimples Hough” aka Derek struggles to choreograph the routine, things finally start to come together.  Now Team Samba’s costumes are legitimate hot disco messes.  Seriously all four of the guys look like ex cons.  However, the actual dance is okay. Carrie Ann says, “You guys worked completely as a group.”  Len calls it “a pleasure to watch.” Judges Scores: 25.