With the newly released 42, the highly anticipated Ender’s Game on the horizon, as well as a rumored cameo in the sequel to Anchorman, Harrison Ford is certainly a busy man. Not that he has ever been idle in his professional life, by any means. He’s been at the top of the A-list for decades, and has far too many major movies to list in one humble article. But it is not the immense amount of work he has done that interests me, not as much as the more iconic characters he has played. Let’s take a look at some of the big ones, the ones he’s really known for. Here are the best examples of Harrison Ford as an all-American badass.

Han Solo

The First Big Role, the end-all be-all of space gunslingers, and intergalactic ladies’ man. Any time your movie role becomes an instant Halloween costume, you have done a great job. Charisma, bravery and the willingness to shoot first (no matter who says otherwise) make Han a tough one to beat. And yes, I know he’s from Coruscant not America, but try telling anyone he’s not the space version of iconic cowboy Gary Cooper. And there’s nothing more American than a cowboy.

Indiana Jones


Anyone who has taken an archeology class in college knows that the profession sucks. The reason you probably took it (I know I did) is because of Indiana Jones. Rugged, clever to a fault and adventurous, in every movie of the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Henry Jones Jr. makes science as badass sexy as killing bad guys.

Rick Deckard

Blade Runner is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time in part because of Ford’s portrayal of Rick Deckard. He’s a man who hunts down dangerous robot Replicants with only his wits and a gun, and who may or may not be a Replicant himself. If you don’t believe he’s a badass, watch the final scene in which he fights Rutger Hauer’s Roy Batty.

Jack Ryan

Again, a no-nonsense straight shooter who can take on not only terrorists and cartels, but even tell the President of the United States to pretty much go to hell. Throw in some quality down time with a family he clearly loves, and Jack is the family man with a dangerous side whom everyone would want looking out for them.

Dr. Richard Kimble


A brilliant doctor not just concerned with proving his own innocence, but with taking down his wife’s killer himself? Nice. Oh, and who else can escape from a buss crash turned into a bus/train crash while handcuffed? Hmmm.

President James Marshal


Can you picture the President kicking some Gary Oldman ass off of Air Force One while simultaneously saving his family? You can if it’s President Ford. Whooping ass in a suit at 30,000 feet has never been better.

Bob Falfa

Of course we have to mention the guy with the coolest car in American Graffiti, he made the already cool-as-hell lifestyle of driving sweet rides and cruising for drag races even cooler.

Ford’s best roles have been when he plays tough guys with strict moral compasses. Take the time to check out some of his other flicks where he takes the main character into the same territory (Witness, Six Days Seven Nights, Regarding Henry) as the above mentioned badassery.