Mad Men returns tonight!  Fabulous clothes are a given (of course), but what else will season 6 have in store?  Here’s my wishlist:

6.  More Roger/Don Bromance


Say what you will about all the women in Don’s life, the real romance is with former boss/current business partner Roger Sterling.  Okay, maybe not romance, but Jon Hamm and John Slattery do have wonderful chemistry.  Remember when Lee Garner, Jr came to the office Christmas party in season 4?  Don and Roger joked behind his back, putting on faux-German accents, in one of my favorite exchanges ever:

Don: Did you enjoy Der Fuhrer’s birthday?

Roger: May he live for a thousand years.

Let’s have some more of that, please.

5.  Less Betty


I will say it here and I will say it unabashedly: I can’t stand January Jones’ acting.  You all saw her turn on Saturday Night Live, right?  Anyways, her chops just don’t stand up the caliber of performances the rest of the cast gives on a regular basis: Aisha Tyler of points out, “Even Kiernan Shipka, the talented young actress who plays Sally, manages to dominate her scenes with Jones.”

Now, season 5 was very Betty-light (insert fat pun here), but apparently that was due to Jones’ real-life pregnancy.  Matthew Weiner hints that season 6 will be a big one for Betty (another fat pun goes here!).  Dang, and here I was hoping they were slowly phasing her out.

4.  More Peggy!


Doesn’t she look just fabulous in the season 6 promos?  Every season has found Peggy becoming more self-assured in her job—and in her fashion sense, remember her sad cardigans from the early seasons? Girl has come far.  The end of season 5 had Peggy finally flying the coop.  This had a lot of people worried about Elisabeth Olsen’s stint on the show, but creator Matthew Weiner has made it clear that she’ll be back.

Maybe this is anti-feminist of me, but I’d love to see Peggy with a good love interest for once.  Come on, I mean, Pete Campbell?  Duck Phillips?  Really?  She deserves someone smart and attractive—and not a total sleazeball.  Maybe Michael Ginsberg?  Ooh, that would make Don mad.  Which brings me to:

3.  More Peggy and Don


Now, I don’t “ship” Peggy and Don (though I support all of you out there that do), but I’d love to see more Peggy and Don moments.  Some of the show’s best episodes (“The Suitcase,” “The Other Woman”) have revolved around their relationship—remember when Peggy stayed a night at the office with a sick Don?  And who could forget their tearful goodbye?  Their relationship is so multi-dimensional, and it’s one of the strongest of the show.

2.  More Stand-offs between Don and Ginsberg


Last season saw Don feeling threatened by upstart copywriter Michael Ginsberg.  Mad Men’s always shown us Don as flawed, sure, but he’s always there to save the day in the end.  He’s been the MVP—he’s always had the best spin on things; the best sell at the end of a stellar pitch.  But season 5 showed us that Don’s getting older, and that he might need to take a back seat to the fresh imaginations of the young copywriters, and it’s interesting to watch the ever-cool Don Draper falter.  In one memorable scene (after Don’s sabotage of his work) Ginsberg took a shot at Don, telling him scathingly, “I feel bad for you.”  In turn, Don delivered one of the most chillingly effective comebacks ever: “I don’t think about you at all.”  Point, set, and match.  Though how true was that remark, really?  It’ll be interesting to see more of their dynamic.

1. More on Civil Rights


Season 5 marked Mad Men making its first foray into Civil Rights—and none too soon, as the show moves into the late sixties.  After seeing the ways the deaths of JFK and Marilyn affected our friends at SCDP (back when it was Sterling Cooper), it wouldn’t be too off the mark to see how they react to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And it wouldn’t hurt to see more civil rights going on in the office itself—last season showed SCDP hiring their first African American secretary (the inconveniently named Dawn).  As a notoriously white show, it would be nice to spend a little more time with Dawn.  And a lot of creative types showed up for interviews along with Dawn—they were turned away, but maybe this season will see them actually getting hired.

That’s what I want from season 6—I would wish for more Lane Pryce, but I know that’s not going to happen (RIP Lane), and I’m also curious to see how Joan will fare as a partner at SCDP.  What are you hoping to see in season 6?