Against all odds, they did it. Bombshell hit Broadway. And the impeccable, gorgeous, way-more-talented-than-Karen Ivy Lynn is going to be a star just as soon as the show premieres. Ivy has pre-opening night jitters, and has imposed a media ban so that she doesn’t hear what any of the early reviews say, good or bad.

The morning of the opening, Ivy lazes in bed with her on-again paramour, handsomely British Derek. I would like to note that Ivy looks like Marilyn even upon waking up in the morning, and this is entirely unfair and unrealistic. Ivy is allowing Derek to come to the show’s after party, but they’re both unsure if they should announce the status of their relationship to their colleagues. After all, Derek left Bombshell in a less-than friendly fashion, and Ivy is the star.

Scott announces to the Hit List cast that he has tickets to get them all into the Bombshell opener – Karen included. As you might recall, Karen used to be the star of that show, and she is a little less than thrilled about seeing what her life would have been like if she hadn’t jumped ship. She tells Jimmy that it’s like going to an ex’s wedding: you don’t want to get back together with the dude, but you don’t want to see him marry someone else. Still, Jimmy convinces her to attend.

Meanwhile, Ana continues to make bad choices while having funky badass style by talking to Adam, Jimmy’s “friend” who keeps hanging out in front of the theatre looking for his buddy. He reveals to Ana that he’s actually Jimmy’s brother, along with a whole lot of other dirt. Now he and Ana are together, because she lives on the edge and also hates Karen. But she lets her know what Adam said, and tells her to confront Jimmy.

Karen decides that the best time to confront Jimmy is at the Bombshell premiere because the couple that makes great decisions together, stays together. Adam is Jimmy’s brother, they grew up in an abusive household and to escape the beatings, dealt drugs and lived on the streets. Jimmy only escaped when Kyle intervened and gave him a place to live, and Adam is trying to suck him back in. Karen doesn’t fully understand, because she is simple and pure like a Broadway unicorn, but she accepts him.

Bombshell’s publicist advises Eileen to keep sucking up to that New York Times reporter who she is casually dating so he’ll write a great review of the show, but she is having none of that business. Instead, she dumps him right before curtain and lets the performance speak for itself, since he wrote that hideous article last week praising Hit List. Hero.

The show is glorious, and Ivy is exceptional. “Don’t Forget Me” is a powerful number that outdoes Karen’s rendition from the Season One finale by leaps and bounds. It was a smart decision to showcase the two finale numbers from Ivy’s Bombshell and Karen’s Bombshell, because it was such a defining song for both leading ladies. And you could read it all over Karen’s face as she sat in the audience and watched what used to be hers. And okay, I might have teared up a little bit too. Shut up.

Guess who makes an appearance in the middle of all this? LEO. Julia’s god awful teenage son, who apparently has had a growth spurt while “living with his father” off screen,” has made a mid-season appearance to support his mother. With his stupid dumb awful guidance, Julia decides that she and Tom should take on The Great Gatsby as their next show. However, Rosie O’Donnell(?) tells Julia during curtain calls that Tom has signed on to direct a show already, leaving her in the dust. Words are exchanged.

At the after party, Adam shows up on Ana’s arm and he gets in a brawl with Jimmy and Kyle, of course. Eileen breaks it up by dumping a champagne bucket on their heads and kicking them out of the party. HERO AGAIN. Karen has had enough of Jimmy’s bad boy charms and tells him to shape up and call her when he’s reformed. Just as she’s about to exit the party herself, Ivy gets onstage and makes a heartfelt speech wearing a fabulous dress.

After thanking Tom, she thanks Karen for letting her step in and take the role – which, let’s be honest, was pretty rad of Karen. She invites her on stage to sing with her because they are best friends again, and they do a great rendition of “That’s Life.” After their duet, Ivy casually asks her buddy if she ever slept with Derek while working on Hit List. Karen says no, but does tell her that Derek asked her out a few weeks ago. Ivy is mightily displeased.

When Derek asks Ivy if she’s ready to leave, she tells him she’s “not in need of his services tonight.” Yep, Ivy is a star.