You know you’ve made it to the big leagues when Kathy Lee Gifford pays you a visit to tell you what a great job you’ve been doing. Ivy Lynn, now a Broadway star, is in a whirlwind spiral of press junkets and TV appearances for Bombshell, under Eileen’s orders, to promote the show as much as possible. Kathy Lee shows up in Marilyn drag with a bus full of school children to learn “The 20th Century Fox Mambo” for a Today Show segment, and everyone has a grand time.

At Hit List, the cast had the chance to be featured on the cover of New York Magazine, but Jimmy never showed up for the shoot. He has been AWOL since Karen dumped him at the Bombshell opening, and has gone back to using drugs. Eventually, Kyle tracks him down and he makes up a bunch of excuses for his behavior like he always does. He doesn’t seem to get the message that things are really serious until he hears that Derek is auditioning new talent for the role of “Jesse” – his role.

He races down to the theatre, guns blazing, to find Sam Strickland auditioning for his part. Sam is just going to be his understudy in case he goes on a bender and disappears again, but the message is clear: don’t screw up, because you are 100 percent replaceable.

Tom and Julia are still on the outs about their “creative differences.” Julia has gone ahead and started writing her adaptation of The Great Gatsby for Scott’s theatre (oh, by the way, she and Scott are dating now?), since Tom agreed to direct a new play without consulting her. Sounds fair. Well, not to Tom. Since he has decided that they’re partners once again, he wants her to tell Scott that she has bow out, and write Gatsby as a musical with Tom.

Since Julia recognizes that this is highly unfair both to Scott and herself, she tells him no. Tom announces onstage during a Q&A moderated by Ivy (Again, gotta work that publicity junket) that he and Julia are no longer partners, because he is a mature adult. He felt that she needed to give him six months to follow his dream, because he stood by her when her life was falling apart. It’s the end of an era, kids.

This run of Hit List is especially important because Derek has invited several producers at once, hoping that they’ll all duke it out for the chance to fund his brilliant show. Too bad Jimmy shows up five minutes before curtain, blasted on cocaine. He still manages to sing like a coked-out angel, but it’s clear to Derek and Scott that he’s high onstage. He misses his cues, and gets bizarrely transfixed on Karen during her numbers, swaying in the middle of the dancers while she sings on top of her pedestal.

In the pivotal scene when Karen’s character gets shot, Jimmy is supposed to catch her, but he completely misses his cue. Karen crumples to the floor and seriously injures her arm in the process. Seeing this, Derek and Scott decide that this will be Jimmy’s last performance. Showing up late and being a jerk is one thing, but compromising the safety of the cast is another. Tearfully, Kyle asks if he can be the one to tell him.

After the show, the group of producers, including Eileen, who snuck in at the last minute to get a look at Bombshell’s competition, agree that the show is great, but won’t get much of a crowd in the uptown theatres. They all decide to pass. Eileen doesn’t seem so sure though; could she seriously be considering producing rival plays at the same time?

At the after party, Jimmy waltzes in, still high out of his mind. Kyle tries to confront him, but in his anger, Jimmy just goes off on everyone in the bar. He calls out Karen for “being a slut” and Kyle for “being a traitor,” when they are really the only two people who have stood by him. He storms out of the bar. Karen and Ana tell Kyle that the only thing he can do at this point is to cut Jimmy out of his life until he gets his act back together. Kyle has tried to help him, but Jimmy has put this all on himself.

So Kyle, who finally gets his very own song, sings it out, packs up Jimmy’s clothes and belongings, and leaves them on Adam’s doorstep. And then he sings some more. Let it out, Kyle. But as he’s focusing on his sorrow and his singing, a sudden burst of light comes out of nowhere, and the screen goes black. Did Kyle just get hit by a car?

Come on, Smash.