Because things can never run smoothly and Tom is an idiot, tech rehearsals are running miserably for team Bombshell. The cast has been running “Public Relations” for three days because 1. They wound up going with the life size plane, solid choice theatre nerds, and 2. Ivy is being a huge brat because Tom cast her Disney witch mother in the play and now they are sworn enemies.

As someone who has done a lot of community and high school theatre, I can tell you that theatre grudges never die. NEVER. This bad blood between the two may subside, but I guarantee that years from now, Tom will accidentally spill his coffee on Ivy’s shoes and she will launch into a diatribe about how he tried to sabotage her by casting her mother. Mhmm.

It happens to be Ivy’s birthday, and since Tom believes that the best way to get someone to be your friend again is to force them to spend time with you, he coerces her into going out to dinner with him. Ivy’s other friends have a huge party already planned for her, so she has to keep that under wraps so Tom doesn’t find out and invite himself along. There’s going to be hot straight guys invited.

At Hit List, Julia is working with Scott and Kyle to rework the book to work in more of the Diva, since that was what the critic from the New York Times was enamored with at the fundraiser from last week’s episode. Not to nitpick, but maybe it’s because they had her character do aerial ballet, and Karen just stood by a piano and sang? Kyle was concerned that perhaps Jimmy would be upset that they were changing his play, but everyone else was like “ugh, that guy is the wooooorst ignore him,” so they continued on their way.

It’s okay, though, because Jimmy spent most of the episode making out in the costume closet with Karen anyway. Since Derek threatened Jimmy earlier in the season to stay away from Karen, he is being a huge baby and won’t go public with their relationship. Only the finest clandestine theatre makeout seshes for his lady. There is also the matter of Derek loaning him eight thousand dollars last week. You know, for the drug stuff. So he should probably lay low for awhile.

Karen doesn’t know about any of this, though, and just wants her boyfriend to tell her she’s pretty in public, as one is wont to do. So she tells Derek. Then Derek drinks some Gentleman Jack and yells at Jimmy and it’s grand. Karen is mad at Derek for treating her like she’s his property, and at Jimmy for being too scared to make a move. At the end of the episode, Jimmy comes by her apartment and makes it up to her by taking her on a real date. In public. She finds the cocaine in his jacket but doesn’t say anything because sister is taking what she can get at this point.

At Ivy’s birthday dinner, things are tense, but rectified immediately when Tom’s birthday present shows up. He got Ivy the gift of Liza Minelli. Tom wrote Ivy a song and Liza sang it, much to everyone and their mother’s eternal delight. Ivy was thrilled, but it wasn’t enough to heal her wounds (remember, theatre grudges). She doesn’t invite him to her birthday party, and he winds up walking by the bar where the bash is being held.

Tom isn’t the only familiar face who makes an appearance at Ivy’s party. Derek shows up at the bar after the guests have gone home. Don’t tell me this means he’s going to try to weasel his way back into her bed because Karen is taken. LEAVE IVY ALONE.