Veep Midterms Recap

Veep returned last night with an episode that felt far more like large political theater than the small scale biting satire about the minutiae of government that’s been the series hallmark throughout its first season run.

In a wider shift, last night’s episode expanded the scope of a typical episode to an entire mid-term election rundown with Selina scrambling to plug the leak of her party’s majority going down the drain with may key losses across the country. We swept to campaign stops with recurring characters including Dan Bakkedahl as Roger Furlong, whose disintegrating run for governor again has him putting Egan in his crosshairs, and Randall Park as Danny Chung, who wins reelection with the help of Selina’s campaign stops.

Also, two new characters joined the halls of the executive branch offices. Kevin Dunn debuted as Ben, the President’s Chief of Staff who spent the first episode fretting the loss of his job over the disastrous results of the mid-term elections. Gary Cole also joined the show as Kent, the President’s Chief Strategist with a Nate Silver-esque devotion to numbers and Selina in his crosshairs. He’s set to be the predominant antagonist this season with more power and teeth than Jonah.

While the scope of the episode did open wider, the series maintained its same cynical tone and devotion to vulgar and sophomoric one-liners uttered by the most powerful people in the country. This time, though, the focus was more scattershot without the typical through line of one specific problem and the many ways the veep’s office botches them, this time the episode exploded with dozens of real problems affecting the country and the balance of power in Washington.

It felt a bit off-premise for this series that never takes anything of great importance to focus its satirical microscope on and that’s always been the point: That the ridiculous minutiae is what ends up mattering in politics and what we see is just the end result of all that nonsense.

In the season premiere, it was all what we normally see and far less nonsense – making this one of the more plot-heavy episodes of the season, and the one least devoted to the joke. Not to say it wasn’t funny, just a different type of funny from a different type of episode.

Best Lines:

“Florida. They oughta break it off at Jacksonville and let it float down to Cuba.” ~ Ben

“I want a Cartier fucking dildo.” ~ Selina

“He told my mom he felt worse that time he ate Gay Jap Raw Fish Shit.” ~ Amy

“Is this it? No, it’s a rape alarm. Like she’s ever going to need that. I mean she’s not ugly but she’s got a lot of security.” ~ Gary

“Isn’t that the catch phrase of the world’s creepiest babysitter?” ~ Amy

“You have about as much chance of getting the Vice President on your show as you do of getting your husband off of that cheerleader.” ~ Sufe

“Oh my God, Amy. You work for the Vice President. It’s not like it’s Google.” ~ Amy’s Sister

“You take your eyebrows and you get out.” ~ Selina

“Uzbekistan is in between Turkmenistan and WhoGivesAFuckistan” ~ Ben

“I need that stuff that junkies use. Y’know. When it takes cops like fifteen bullets to put ’em down.” ~ Selina

“It’s an accident okay. Much like when Bigfoot got your mom pregnant, resulting in you.” ~ Mike, to Jonah