Here we are: The final night of competition. With Angie voted off last week, it’s between Kree Harrison and Candice Glover for the title of American Idol, Season 12. Tonight, the girls first sang a song chosen for them by Simon Fuller, the creator of the show, then the song that will be their first single if they win, then their favorite song they song this season. (On a completely random side note: Kree was on The Rosie O’Donnell show like 12 years ago.)

Kree won a coin toss, so she went first, singing Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel.” You know, the song they used to play during those commercials with the sad animals that could make anyone cry. She sounded beautiful, but the judges didn’t get to weigh in until after both of them performed once. Then, Candice sang Adele’s “Chasing Pavements,” which she sang with an elegance that seemed to match Adele’s, but not mirror it.

Mariah said, “I’m so proud to have been part of this season, because this talent is so magnificent. It’s really refreshing. Very different genres, but at the top of where they need to be. I’m blown away again.” Randy said, “I’m not sure either of these songs are the right songs I would have chosen for them. I gotta give the edge on round 1 to Candice, because at least she took a song and tried to make more of it.”

After an extremely lame performance by Carly Rae Jepsen (“Call Me Maybe” girl), Kree sang the original “All Cried Out.” It’s a country ballad in the vein of something Carrie Underwood might release. Candice’s song, called “I Am Beautiful,” isn’t anything special, but as long as she’s singing it, it sounds incredible. She could really sing the phone book and people would buy it.

Nicki said, “I love her [Kree’s] composure. I love her understanding who she is, and this song made her reach down into her gut more than she’s used to. I heard a different part of her voice today.” Keith said, “For me, this is soul versus soul. These are both soul singers, and these were songs both tailor-made for these girls.” Keith thought Kree won the second round, and Nicki said Candice did.

For Kree’s final song, she sang one she first performed during Vegas Week: “Up To The Mountain” by Patty Griffin. It was her stand-out performance of the night for sure, and the judges gave it a standing ovation. Keith said, “That was beautiful, Kree! It’s the spirituality and the soulfulness that you tap into, it’s your story, it’s all connected.” Nicki said, “I’m so glad you did that one, that energy is so uplifting. It felt just so rich. But I think all of your performances tonight showcase your beautiful voice, and your beautiful soul.” Mariah said, “You have something special Kree; You both do.”

Finally, Candice sang Tom Jones’ “I (Who Have Nothing),” which was definitely one of her best performances to date. She changed it up a little: starting off a capella, and building as the song went on. She also got a standing ovation, which went on for a very long time. Keith said, “You’re such a powerhouse singer, Candice, and that song is like – like a planet exploding. It was incredible!” Nicki said, “I loved that performance. What comes across from you is: Superstar, demands the stage. This is a big place, and the fact that you always walk on there and own it IMMEDIATELY?” Randy said, “That girl can plum, flat-out sing! This is how you do it! You just shot this whole night to a whole ‘nother level. Baby, you’ve got it all!” Mariah said, “What you have is the innate ability to take any song and turn it into a vehicle for that amazing voice that nobody can deny.”

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to recap the finale, and reveal the winner!