As predicted, Amber Holcomb was voted off last week, leaving Kree Harrison, Candice Glover and Angie Miller as the top 3 contenders for season 12. In the semi-finals, each contestant sang three songs: One chosen by Jimmy, one chosen by the judges, and one by the producers. We also got to see the contestants visit their hometowns.

The competition began with Kree singing her song chosen by Jimmy Iovine, Pink’s “Perfect.” Ryan said it was Jimmy’s wish for her to sing a pop song. Keith said, “That song choice for me proved you’re a country girl. I love that no matter what song you sing, you have such a signature sound.” Nicki said, “I think the quality of your voice is always warm, sweet, pleasant to the ear. You went back to your easy-going Kreedom feel.” Randy said, “I didn’t love that song so much for you. It didn’t have a lot of pizzaz to it. It was just a little flat for me.”

Candice sang U2’s “One” at Jimmy’s request. She was, of course, flawless. Nicki said, “You are on your way. You are a diva. You did that song justice. The competition just started.” Randy said, “It gives you room to grow and soar and sing. I don’t know if everything was perfect, but the emotion was so on point. We all got lifted up here!” Mariah said, “You standing here singing any song, you always bring so much to the table as a singer. We really felt it.” Keith said, “You just have so much power when you start the song. You care, and you’re really committed to this.”

Elton John’s “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” was Angie’s song chosen by Jimmy. It was definitely a unique choice for her, and she didn’t bring as much power as usual. Randy said, “I think that you did a great job holding back on this. I actually really liked it.” Mariah said, “I felt that this was one of the best performances I’ve seen you do.” Keith said, “I would have been happy with you actually holding back a little more. Don’t underestimate the power of… you can break peoples’ hearts singing really gently, too. That was a perfect song to underplay it.” Nicki said, “This was a stellar vocal, but it didn’t hit me emotionally like I would have wanted it to.”

After seeing her go home to St. Helena, South Carolina and sing “Girl On Fire” for her hometown, Candice performed Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me,” chosen by the judges. It was an obvious choice, but a great one, because it allowed her to show off a bit. Mariah said, “It was A plus, amazing.” Keith said, “It was amazing, it wasn’t even a song, it was a conversation. It was so good. You’re getting more and more confident to just sing where you want to sing.” Nicki got choked up and said said, “You have come out swinging in this competition. I am so proud of you. Congratulations. You come on that stage and you just own who you are”

Angie went to Boston and appeared on the news before heading to her hometown of Beverly, Massachusetts to ride in a parade and perform with her brother. After that footage, she sang her judge’s choice song, Pink’s “Try.” Keith said, “For me, you’ve never looked as strong performing without the piano as you did in that moment.” Nicki said, “You believed every single word!” Randy said, “That song fit you like a glove. You sounded amazing on it! She’s in it to win it!” Mariah said, “I totally agree, you performed like never before.”

Last to go home was Texas-girl Kree, who tugged at our heart strings by talking about her deceased parents and singing “See You Again.” Tonight, the judge’s picked another emotional song: Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye.” Nicki said, “I am so super proud of you. You sang it like a pro. This is one of your best performances to date because you felt every word.” Randy said, “You just sang your heart out. That was unbelievably beautiful. That was brilliant!” Mariah said, “I am so in awe of the purity when you sing. There’s something just so real about you.” Keith said, “It was the perfect song for you. You sang it just right, you felt it just right. You had me from beginning to end.”

For Angie’s last song tonight, the producers picked “Maybe,” by Emeli Sande. She finally took to the piano for her best performance of the night… there’s no denying it’s where she belongs. Randy said, “You sang your heart out right there. I think tonight, you became a COMPLETE performer.” Mariah said, “I felt like you really were feeling the song and the emotion was there. I just really felt like you were you, and you were there, and you were present. I think you did an amazing job with a song that’s not easy for everyone to sing.” Nicki said, “You’ve come full circle. You’ve become what we’ve been preaching about for weeks and weeks. You’re emotionally connecting every time, and you feel it every time.”

Kree sang The Band Perry’s “Better Dig Two,” as chosen by the producers. Keith said, “I like that song, I don’t know that that’s the place for you. It didn’t feel right for me.” Nicki said, “That’s not your comfort zone. Whoever picked that for you should be stoned. I didn’t like that song for you.” Randy said, “You’re a superstar. You are definitely on your way. I didn’t like that: It was too ordinary for you, your voice is just way too big for that kind of thing. But you did your best and tried to rock it out.”

Finally, Candice sang the beautiful “Somewhere” from West Side Story. All that can be said is: DAMN, GIRL! Obviously, she got a standing ovation. Keith said, “How do you do that? Here’s what’s going to happen: If you want to vote for Candice, dial the number on your screen. If you don’t want to vote for Candice, call your doctor, you probably don’t have a pulse.” Nicki said, “See you next week!” Randy said, “She had one of the greatest vocals in Idol history. Guess what? She’s got another one! It was so incredible, this is like a singing lesson!” Mariah said, “Congratulations Candice! You’ve shown everyone you can sing any type of song, any day of the week. And thank you for singing that.”

So the question is: Who will be the final two? I’m going with Angie and Candice, but I think it’s going to be very close. The one thing I do know is if Candice isn’t singing next week, be prepared for a VERY angry finale recap.