1. The Cannes Film Festival


Perhaps last week’s Met Ball has left me in a glamour frenzy, because I am so ready for the dazzling Hollywood meets slutty Eurotrash extravaganza that is the sun-splashed Cannes Film Festival! The Great Gatsby crew already brought some undeniable star-power, Nicole Kidman’s on the  A-list judging panel (along with Ang Lee and Spielberg, himself), and I’m sure every emaciated starlet  in Tinseltown will be slapping on some pricey duds and battling for that almighty, front-page photo. Does it get any better? Oh yeah, there’s some films premiering too!

2. Star Trek Into Darkness (actually JJ Abrams)


I don’t care if you liken me to James Lipton, I will readily admit that I consider the summer comic book/symphony of explosion movie season to be my least favorite of the pop culture cycle.  What I do love however, is some JJ Abrams! Back in the late 90’s when I was still a “questioning” youth, Felicity and her gang prepared me for the unfettered life I myself would eventually lead, away at college in the Big City (minus unfortunately Scott Speedman and Scott Foley fighting over me); while Alias literally changed my life, turning me forever on to the wholesomely kick ass joy of Jennifer Garner. Before I start dorking out on Lost though, I’ll get back to my point- it doesn’t matter what I think about the subject matter, I would gladly watch 24 hours of C-Span if JJ Abrams was behind the camera, feeding those old cronies their lines.

3. Elizabeth Debicki in The Great Gatsby


Of course I was impressed by Baz Lurhmann’s characteristic theatricality and flair, but for the first time ever, I watched an entire film of his without once wincing at the cheesy romantic platitudes or over-stylized emotion. That’s because Lurhmann finally checked all of those bad habits at the door and made a lush, gorgeously Technicolor, yet still substantial film version of the classic novel that can only be considered a rousing success. He also directs a first-rate cast that includes newcomer, Elizabeth Debicki, who steals every scene she’s in as confident and slightly spoiled flapper, Jordan Baker. Possessed of Zoe Dechanel’s kewpie doll eyes and a gorgeously Roman profile, this tall Aussie is set to conquer America much like the rest of her insanely talented countrymen and women have.

4. Fall films


I’m aware that summer hasn’t even officially started yet, but have you seen the awesome new trailers for Fall’s undeniably pedigreed films? First up it’s Julia and Meryl going at it in John Wells’s cinematic retelling of the Pulitzer Prize-Winning August Osage County. If you’ve seen Postcards From the Edge, or One True Thing, you know Meryl does contentious Mother-Daughter drama like nobody’s business! And who better to embody her progeny than Shelby? As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity with George Clooney and Sandy Bullock- man those space station scenes look terrifying! And, for sheer curiosity factor, I can’t forget Oprah and Forest Whitaker in Lee Daniel’s Forest Gumpian The Butler- though I’ll admit, it’s mainly to see Big O’s already infamous sex scene with Terrance Howard.

5. Cancelled Sitcoms


Let’s have a moment of silence for these fallen soldiers… What can I say? Not since the Bubonic Plague has quite as large a group of seemingly innocents been dealt such mortal sentences! Why just last week, The New Normal, Happy Endings, Guys With Kids, 1600 Penn, and Up All NIght, amongst others, were cancelled by the major Networks in what felt like a particularly gruesome TV bloodbath. Clearly this affects any and every pop culture watcher, but personally,  I’ll only miss Happy Endings (I’m still praying for a last minute reprieve from TBS though). That said, feel free to grieve however and for whoever you see fit.