Modern Family is just that for most. Well, those who are white, well-off and have two parent households. The twist in this fan favorite though is that there’s an older man with a younger woman and a gay couple. While Jay and Gloria might’ve gotten some flak when the show started, it’s always been Mitchell and Cam who’ve gotten the constant critiques. At first fans wanted the two to be more intimate and the show replied with a subtle kiss that wasn’t the focal point of the episode, and was done in a natural way.

Why would they write an elaborate script showcasing a kiss between two men who’ve been together for years? That’d make no sense, but what would make sense are a few different storylines that revolve around their characters becoming husband and husband. Not because it’s what several activist groups want but because it’s the right time for Mitchell and Cam.

Let’s face it, gay on TV isn’t shocking anymore. From the hallways of McKinley High to the cubicles in Scranton, PA, we’ve not only gotten used to seeing gay characters, but their relationships as well. It’s the next step we’re waiting for. We can watch them date, but can we accept their rights to marry? Gay marriage isn’t legal in all 50 states, including California where Modern Family is set, so that might be the reason their writers are holding off on the nuptials.

They could be sticking with the reality of the characters’ situation. If so the answer to that would be to do a commitment ceremony of sorts. Family has always been good at sticking with the characters’ core personalities while allowing growth, and this would be the way Mitchell would handle the situation if it were in his hands. He’s logical, punctual and wouldn’t want some elaborate party.


That’s where Cam would come in. Cam is over the top with any and everything and if it came time for the two to set a date and it was his choice, the writers would have to take this storyline to a state that allowed gay marriage. The entire family always takes a big trip together during the season, so could next season end with a vacation/wedding to say, Vermont? Fans of the show would probably vote this be the way the wedding happens, but then again, you kind of want them to keep it a little with the times.

That’s where the idea that they live in California comes back into your mind. Then you shake that off and say, hey, it’s time for these two to have the right to call one another husband and have it recognized by the state. So that’s when the writers say, screw it and just write it in the show like they did the kiss. They don’t make it a big ordeal about it being a “gay wedding.” They simply handle it like any other comedy show would; someone loses the rings, in-laws are feuding, there’s a mix-up with the wedding hall. That’d show that really, there isn’t any difference between a gay and straight wedding. It’d normalize it for those who still think inside a closed mind. That’d be the best way to do it based on the show as a whole; a little Cam, a little Mitchell and all the rest of their modern family.

Each season showcases some sort of growth, but we seem to be at a standstill with Mitchell and Cam in terms of their relationship. They need a wedding/ceremony/whatever it may be to give their partnership another dimension. Remember when they were thinking of adding a new baby to their home? Since that seemed to be a forgotten plotline as season four wrapped up, maybe this wedding/ceremony/whatever it may be could be the necessity to round out their relationship in season five. However they go about it, those two need to get hitched one way or another.