When you have Jerry Rand money, things like continuity or rationality do not matter. That’s why Hit List is already in Broadway previews in a shiny new theatre in Times Square, despite being in Scott’s basement theatre about a week ago. But because Jimmy has learned nothing from Kyle’s death and has just stormed onto 42nd street as King of the Worsts, he has decided that there is something “off” about his show. Didn’t Jimmy get fired two episodes ago for being high on stage?

Well, with a bigger budget and more room comes a price. The performers are all exhausted from the expanded dance numbers and expanded expectations. Ana is getting the worst deal, because it’s especially brutal to go from twirling eight feet in the air to 30 feet above a Broadway audience. She misses her cues a few more times than Karen and Jimmy, and Derek notices.

But there’s a new face in the chorus waiting for her to stumble one too many times. Daisy, the redheaded dancer that accused Derek of sexual harassment at the beginning of the season, is somehow now a particularly aggressive member of the Hit List ensemble. Suddenly, Ana’s small flubs turn into a big enough problem that she has to take a night off. Karen and Ana, who like each other again since Kyle is dead, know that something is fishy about this situation.

After confronting Derek, they find out that Daisy and Derek slept together the night of the Bombshell opening when Ivy rejected him. Daisy secretly filmed their tryst, and also filmed him drunkenly promising her a role in Hit List if she slept with him. If the tape gets out, it’s the end of his career; he has to give Daisy the role of The Diva, and fire Ana, to save himself.

For whatever reason, Eileen is throwing a Levitt-Houston concert night to honor Tom and Julia. The night takes some of Broadway’s biggest names and has them sing some of the most memorable songs that the duo has written over the years. But because he has a lot of time on his hands and wants to be edgy, Tom decides to turn it into a musical revue instead of a simple concert show; the performers are pimps and strippers(?), and Tom is the MC.

This does not bode well for Ivy, who has just gotten word from Bombshell’s publicist that she needs to be on her best behavior for the run of the show. There’s a blind item running in the Voice about a blonde Broadway star who’s been getting in trouble offstage. Remember when this show used to be about Ivy sleeping around and popping pills? Tom wants her to sing a song about being a hooker, so she’s a bit reluctant to participate.

The Houston part of the Levitt-Houston show is MIA for the planning, as she is always down at Hit List. It really doesn’t look good, since now the show is Bombshell’s main competition for the Tony’s. But, as Julia explains, she wants to help the show make it onstage to honor Kyle, the kid she knew for about three weeks. Love you, Smash.

So, Julia and Jimmy go back to the apartment he shared with Kyle to see if they can find any of Kyle’s discarded ideas to make the show any better. Kyle’s last great idea was to stream live updates to the audience via text and tweets about what was going on during the show. This is apparently brilliant and innovative, and with Jerry’s money, totally doable. It’s a hit!

Julia makes it uptown in time to catch the end of her own tribute concert, where it has already been revealed that she and Tom have split as partners. Eileen, the ever-resourceful, sneaky broad, leaked the news to drum up publicity for Bombshell. She and Tom sing a terribly sad ballad about not having regrets.


Ana has decided that she isn’t going to take Derek dismissing her lying down. Since blackmailing people is ILLEGAL, she’s going to try to go after Daisy. She and Karen run into Ivy at a bar after the concert, and being tactful, she tells Ivy that she would like her help since she knows that she slept with Derek to get her part in Bombshell. OUCH. Needless to say, she’s not getting Ivy’s help.

Ivy all but slaps Karen across the face for telling Ana that she slept her way to the top, and warns her that their truce is off. Tony’s season is right around the corner, and she’ll be seeing her on the red carpet. Let me be your star, bitch.

Of course, because nothing can end logically or gracefully, Ivy gets a phone call at midnight on a Saturday from her doctor’s office telling her that she’s pregnant with Derek’s baby. Mazel tov?