America's Got Talent-Season 8
It was obvious that America’s Got Talent would have to return to their old tricks eventually, but for some reason it wasn’t as upsetting.  Maybe that’s because Mel B. and Heidi Klum make the show bearable.   Continuing their run of perfection, the women of the judging panel upped their ante by sticking their fingers in their ears while Howard Stern and Howie Mandel bickered: ladies, I’ve been doing that for years.  Nick Cannon has decided on a hit or miss routine for his double suit nights; his first outfit, a dove grey suit with a blush shirt was as appealing as his second mint and tan concoction was displeasing.

Blazing Successes:

The Shark Boys were first on stage and first in my hearts.  This adorable crop of boys set themselves apart when Heidi’s question of if they were from New York was met with, “We’re Italians.”  Their moves were a little more provocative than expected at their age, but like the judges it was impossible not to be won over by their commitment to their dance routine.

There was an acrobatic dancing group that had Heidi demanding their next routine be topless.  I’d criticize if I didn’t agree with her one hundred percent.

The KrisStef Brothers had charm oozing off of them the few minutes they introduced themselves to the judges.  Their surprisingly engaging hand balancing routine only increased their appeal.  The female half of the panel was happy to ogle the performer’s body; the male half couldn’t ignore their pull with the crowd.  It’ll be interesting to see if the novelty wears off in Vegas or if they’ll be able to turn their act into something truly special.

Irish and hip hop dancing is a combination fresh to these eyes.  Hammerstep made the merger look effortless, stunning the judges’ and the audience easily.  Let’s hope developing their next winning routine is just as simple.

Also dancing their way to Las Vegas was the amazing duo that moved in unison while never releasing each other’s arms.  Besides being impressed   the two could make purposeful movements while shackled to one another, their ability to make alien shapes had to be championed.  Soon after there was a group of young dancers, performing a more traditional ballet routine, with a contemporary edge of course.  It would have been nice to at least learn the name of the magician.  His assistant and future fiancée made his series of stunning disappearing/reappearing tricks all the more entertaining.

A bunch of extremely talented child dancing acts winning their way to Vegas ushered in the performance of nine year old Isaiah and six year old Aaralyn duo.  Their hardcore rock performance of “Zombie Skin” was bolstered by 6 year old Aaralyn’s ability to scream terrifyingly.  Though Mel B. thought better of allowing the act to continue in the competition, the other judges pushed the kids through.

Virginia State University Gospel Choir made good on their promise to bring more to the table than their voices, though that was unnecessary.  The caliber of their collective voices and their powerful soloist would have been enough to earn them passage to the next round.  Their choreography and their sprit propelled their performance into an unforgettable category.  Without question, this group is one to watch.

A group dismissed for performing a lackluster original song preceded the stunning performance of sibling duo Brandon & Savannah. They took a chance performing a song they wrote themselves. The thought that a 15 and a 13 year old could write something so good is tonally eclipsed by the simple truth that they are awesome.  Mel B. wasn’t a fan of their original song, but still joined the rest of the judges in giving the two passage to the next round.

Last season a stand-up comedian almost won the competition, Taylor Williamson was the first of this year to make us think he could go the distance.  Before his performance even began he had everyone in stitches, and he continued hitting the mark throughout his routine.  His quick wit was apparent every moment he was on the stage; here’s hoping he can make it to the finals.

After a silly singing straight jacket illusion proved boring, a magician won his ticket to Vegas with a quick do-over card trick.  Now that the judges have set him on the right path it’ll be interesting to see if the magic man will be able to perform something more to their liking.

Performing together for the first time Forte wowed everyone with their trio of operatic voices.  For a group of men that met online only weeks ago and practiced together for a few days their impact was the same as those who have been together for far monger.  Their beautiful union will not only give them a ticket to Vegas, but a chance to win the hearts of America.

Flaming Failures:

Once the words, “Singing Mime,” were out of her mouth it looked like Aneya Marie was soon to head for the exit.  The assumption was correct, but no one could have predicted her failure to be so spectacular.  She attacked the judges verbally, insulted the audience, and claimed to be all the rage of seas.  Enjoy Europe!

There was a pair of pairs whose names never appeared on the screen and for that they should be thankful.  The first duo rode unicycles while attempting to joust and lasso one another.  The other twosome was rapping, only because that’s the best word that could describe the tragedy of their performance.  Both Mel B. and Heidi are the kind of mean I can get behind; they don’t languish over the point, just a quick assessment of whatever lame fault the group suffered from.   Woman singing to a collection of cats on motorized toy cars was mystifyingly horrendous.  Quickly following was a man and a woman in chicken costumes doing ballet moves and ballroom dancing.

This show has opened the floodgates to allow for anything to be considered a talent:  Chris Antes gum sculpting ability is a clear representation of that.  His gum missed the mark by a mile, probably because the size of the presentation and his nerves made his dolphin the saddest piece of chewing gum ever seen on television.

Jacob Calle was swallowing string while standing in front of an African Scorpion.  It seemed like he was about to shock and amaze and he did: he was shockingly awful.  First he pulled the swallowed string out of a hole on his pelvis for no reason at ll.  Then he stuffed the scorpion in his mouth while trying to blow bubbles.  Jacob was stung in the mouth about as quickly as he was ushered off the stage—neither took longer than a minute.