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I was so excited to see a Gob episode, I was humming the opening notes of Europe’s “Final Countdown” (which we do get to hear a bit of in this episode!) while opening up Netflix. “Colony Collapse” is one of the strongest episodes of season four (so far) and felt more in the spirit of the series’ old days. It emphasizes Gob’s loneliness and attempts at finding an accepting family; which sounds dark, but Will Arnett plays it hilariously.

It begins with a comical homage to Entourage, and cleverly calls the nightclub “and Jeremy Piven” based on Entourage’s credits. At this point, it appears like things are going well for Gob. At the end of season three, it was revealed that Gob was courting barely-legal and barely-noticed Ann (Mae Whitman), George Michael’s ex-girlfriend. After the Queen Mary incident, Gob asks his nephew, “Are we good?” He repeats that in several intonations until he can get a semblance of a “yes” from George Michael. At first ecstatic about the forced approval, Gob begins to look off in despair as Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” plays. He decides to break up with her — except he ends up sleeping with Ann instead.

Over an egg breakfast the next morning, Gob looks regretful. Ann/Egg/Mouth/Hair/Her allows him his space. Relieved, he shouts “Marry me!” This was stated in the “showbiz” context that Maeby says it in, but Ann thinks he is serious and agrees to marry him. Before he can object, the whole Veal clan embraces him; and the attention-starved Gob falls into their arms Jesus-style. The comfort from the Veals doesn’t seem to last long though, because we hear again “Hello, Darkness my old friend….”

The Bluth’s, however, are not as excited with the announcement (Buster’s expression is particularly hysterical). Ann and Gob appear on the spiritual program And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You, with Pastor Veal (Alan Tudyk) and his co-host Father Marsala (Bruce McCulloch, from Kids in the Hall). Gob uses the show to announce he will perform magic at the wedding, and the event will be televised.


Gob goes to Michael to ask him to be his best man/assistant, and tells him, “I’m working on my illusion for the wedding.” Michael responds dryly, “What’s the illusion, that you actually love the bride?” Michael doesn’t accept, but does encourage Gob to be nice to Ann. Before he can finish saying “Your whole life has been an escape act…” Gob disappears.

Like Lucille’s trial, it looks like no one is going to make it to the ceremony. Well, except Tobias, who is playing Centurion #2 for the act (his over-the-top Centurion delivery is pretty funny). Tobias informs him this isn’t his first rodeo; which cuts to Tobias’ previous performances for the Miracle network. Interestingly, Gob’s magician rival, Tony Wonder (Ben Stiller) shows up. It is mentioned that Tony Wonder’s career is getting some buzz after coming out of the closet.


The wedding begins at the Holy Eternal Rapture Church. The anagram along with a shepherd’s staff spells out HER? in huge letters hovering above Ann at the altar. We see that the giant cross Gob was transporting in the previous episode is now rolling down to toward the altar, with Gob hanging from it it in Jesus garb. Uh-oh.

Instead of impressing the congregation with the Christian-themed trick, what follows is a flashy and inappropriate display that leaves the church crowd aghast (including Ann’s mom, still played by Ione Skye). Gob says he will break Jesus’ three-day tomb “record” by staying in the fake tomb for two weeks. The trick — excuse me — the illusion, goes awry and leaves Gob trapped in the Bible boulder. Paster Veal says they will reconvene back in two weeks, but Ann laments, “He’s not coming back.”

When he doesn’t come back, the boulder is moved to a storage unit in Tustin. Another Bluth makes it on a reality show as he is discovered on the Storage Wars-type program, Locker Hawkers: Something Smells Terrible. Sadly, Feral Jesus is worth $0. Ann visits Gob in the hospital while he is recovering to break up. After he humiliated her and insulted her religion, she says she feels sorry for him and leaves him a pamphlet. Surprisingly, Gob takes it to heart and contacts estranged son Steve Holt.

At and Jeremy Piven, Gob is waiting for Steve and chatting with a pudgy guy. The guy IS Steve Holt (Justin Grant Wade), but the joke is on us too, because he is barely recognizable. After Gob puts it together, he agrees to work for him at Steve Holt! Pest Control. Feeling confident, Gob hangs around the bar and eventually gets the attention of Mark Cherry (Daniel Amerman) and his gang with his magic. He also impresses a stumbling Rebel (the episode is sprinkled with more of her PSAs). When the paparazzi appear, Gob creates a diversion and they all escape into a limo. This earns him the name “Getaway.” The Hollywood bros all have nicknames, like “Trout.” Even John Beard Jr. (Ben Schwartz) is there. Now belonging to the group, he ignores Steve. As the limo drives by the pest control office, Steve says, “He’s not coming back.”

The party lifestyle delivers raging nights, but also mornings of self-loathing. When Gob sees on his mirror: “Hey Joe, With a bee, fun night. P.S. I have sifilus,” he takes a Forget-Me-Now. In a Memento-like state, he forgets everything after he takes the drug, but not before, leading him down an entertaining “Roofie-circle.” Loosing track of the passing time, he ends up with stage-four syphilis months later. Unfortunately, Gob wears out his welcome with the entourage and Mark Cherry records the catchy single “Getaway,” hoping Gob would realize the group wants him to get away from them. Naturally, this is lost on Gob.


Suffering with more bad luck, Gob learns his bees are sick (in a cameo with Clint Howard) and takes a box of them in the limo. He tries to regain his popularity with the gang by swinging by the and Jeremy Piven nightclub to pick up girls. We see DeBrie is one of the girls who make it in the limo. The group makes Gob put the partition up; which is sad, but good for Gob because DeBrie unleashes the bees from the trunk trying to find a drug stash. Too busy making Driving Miss Daisy jokes, Gob doesn’t realize the bee-stinging chaos behind the partition. When they get back to the pad, he just thinks they had a crazy night of partying, but really they needed seven ambulances.

Gob knows the party’s over when he finds out Mark is at rehab, and won’t be performing at the Opie awards. (At the awards event, we see a glimpse of Maeby taking off with one of the Opies). Gob notices that Tony Wonder is appearing for an event. As a wooden apparatus leaking glitter roles by, Gob wedges a piece of an Opie into it to sabotage Tony Wonder’s act. The apparatus continues to role away in one direction, but Gob sees that Tony has already performed his trick in another.

There seems to be a sudden commotion, but Gob doesn’t care much. The Sound of Silence starts up again as Gob says, “I have no one in my life that cares for me.” Aww; as irresponsible and incompetent as Gob is, Will Arnett still manages to make him lovable. The moment doesn’t get too serious though. He gets a phone call from the person who really does care about him, and Gob ends the episode perfectly with, “Great, now my boss is on my ass!”

In the “next time” segment, Gob gets the call from Lucille that he has a job helping George Sr. in Mexico. Excited, he almost runs over Michael who just “met a girl.” While his bees are again wreaking havoc, Gob notices the sweat lodge / fake tomb that Ann sold online. Investigating, he sees someone had wedged a gold cross into his escape hatch; although he deduces it is a “t” pendant that belongs to Tony Wonder.


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