So, that happened… What did you think about Mad Men season 6?  I was a little lukewarm about it–especially the whole Sylvia storyline.  Although it was a little slower than past seasons, I still found it endlessly fascinating–we’re talking days spent reading interviews, recaps and analyses.  And hey,  those last few episodes definitely delivered.  Regardless of how the season went, I’m here to see how my wishlist fared.  Let’s go through point by point.

6. More Roger/Don Bromance?


And that’s a no.  This season had to be the most Roger-light, which is a shame–John Slattery is delightful, and I say that with no irony or sarcasm whatsoever.  I mean, we didn’t even get to watch him all speedy on that mystery drug in “The Crash”–he just disappeared off with Jim Cutler! Wonder what went on there…

Ahem.  At least he did get in one of the best lines of the season (probably behind “Not great, BOB!”): “You shit the bed in there.”  And I did think there was an interesting moment between him and Don in that infamous indefinite-leave-of-absence scene–he’s the only one who reaches out to Don, as he says almost sheepishly, “Try and see it from our side:” it’s still a great relationship.  Fingers crossed we see more of it in season 7.

5. Less Betty?


Yes!  She took a bit of a backseat in season 6, mostly appearing as a foil for Sally (who, by the way, knocked this season out of the PARK!).  And I have to say, I actually enjoyed most of her appearances: that moment of understanding with Don, the shared cigarette with Sally; her guilt for Sally’s new bad-girl tendencies–people have been saying this all over the web, and I have to agree: Betty’s finally maturing.  And watching someone “grow up” as it were, is always fascinating.

4. More Peggy?


Yep, this was a great season for Peggy (dramatically, anyways.  Maybe not so much romantically).  She had some of the most compelling storylines this season, and she managed to come out on top.  I hope her corner office is permanent, but I doubt it will be, knowing Matthew Weiner’s track record.  And well, the glass ceilings firmly in place in the 60s.

I hoped for a good love interest for Peggy, and I was half-appeased.  I mean, at least Ted Chaough (just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell that) made for a good storyline.  And he didn’t have me clutching at my pearls screaming “Why, Peggy, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?” the way most of her love interests do.  Well, except for when she fell for that “I’m leaving my wife” line. But I got what I wanted: a “good” guy (though his spineless betrayal is pretty horrible) who is, sorry to quote myself, “smart and attractive.” Well, attractive-ish; I’m on the fence (sorry Kevin Rahm!).  And call me a sucker, but I love that kind of forbidden-love cheese.

And I CERTAINLY (yes, that deserved capslock) got what I wanted when I said I wanted a love interest for Peggy that would make Don mad.  Oof.

3. More Peggy and Don?


On that note…

No, I don’t think I got what I wanted on this front.  When I said I wanted more Peggy and Don, I meant something more like that camaraderie we saw in “The Suitcase,” not the brutal money-throwing from “The Other Woman.” Though, seeing that Don was in something of a downward spiral (understatement of the year), his deteriorating relationship with Peggy was certainly appropriate.  And that “You’re a monster” moment, especially the way in which it juxtaposed with the aforementioned scene in “The Suitcase,” packed a powerful punch.

A lot of this season was about Don slowly severing ties with everyone, and his and Peggy’s relationship seemed to be a casualty of that.  Their relationship was still fascinating, but more negative than it’s ever been; perhaps reaching a lower low than when he threw money in her face.  Elisabeth Moss isn’t worried, though: “There’s love there that will never change.”

2. More stand-offs between Don and Ginsberg?


So…no.  We didn’t see much interaction between Don and Ginsberg at all this season.  But I did get what I wanted when I said I wanted to see “the ever-cool Don Draper falter.” Oh boy, did that one come true–replace “Michael Ginsberg” with “Ted Chaough” (or, “Copious Amounts of Alcohol”) and I pretty much hit the nail on the head.

I have to say, I was kind of saddened by how much of a backseat Ginsberg took–suppose that’s the name of the game on a show with such a large ensemble.  We did see him slowly unraveling this season–his talk of voices in his head to the infamous Bob Benson had a lot of viewers worried, but we never got to see that storyline resolved.  Maybe we’ll find out what’s going on with Ginsberg in season 7.

1.  More Civil Rights?


Can I just say, I totally called that they would cover the MLK assassination?  In “The Flood,” it was interesting to see everyone’s reactions–from Joan’s condescending-but-well-meaning hug to Dawn (who just wanted to get back to work), to Pete’s blow-up at Season 6’s resident douche-bag, Harry Crane.

I do wish that we got to spend a little more time on Dawn.  Even though Teyonah Parris was great in her aforementioned scene with Christina Hendricks, she was very minimally present–almost conspicuously so–in “The Flood.”  She was also shown as one of the quieter secretaries at Sterling Cooper & Partners–no dramatic exit like Scarlet or airhead non-sequiturs like Meredith.  I suppose that’s what makes sense for her character–she’s a hard worker who looks out for her boss and keeps her head down.  Still…I’d like to see her get her moment in the spotlight.  Maybe that’s still to come.

After a problematic season (and a pitch-perfect season finale), it’s time to settle in for a long, Mad Men-less winter.  At least we’ve got reruns to keep us company.