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As usual for America’s Got Talent, when you get want it’s never exactly for what you asked for.  Those second chance slots we’ve been begging for were finally announced.  Unfortunately instead of the usual episode of do-overs, two passed over acts were simply gifted two slots in the semi-finals.  Though there were some very deserving performers overlooked, it’d be nice if the competition and voting aspect of this talent search was respected but hey, beggars can’t be choosers.  Even with that news, there was still time for NBC’s new round of tedious time wasting techniques.  This one was called a Snapple Half Time Show; there’s never a bad excuse to advertise those sponsors is there?  For this important event, Nick Cannon was cast out into the streets to get feedback from random viewers.  If that’s not enough, he was forced to repeatedly remind us that One Direction will be the guest performers for the next results show.  Wednesday is going to be hard folks.

Sweet sounds were heard last night—thank goodness for a decent musical act.  Performing their catchy tune “Bruises” Train returned to AGT stage with a little help for Ashley Benson.  All country acts take note; this is a band that knows how to be musically strong and sentimental in a seamless fashion.  The real king of the night was last year’s runner up (first in our hearts) Tom Cotter.  As the consummate professional that he is, the comedian did a few riffs about losing to a dog act in season seven before kicking off a run of aviation themed humor.  His complaints about ridiculous treatment on airplanes, the real purpose for oxygen masks, and enjoying those TSA pat down’s he’s renamed, “federal feel up’s,” was well received.  Tom’s humor never stops when his set ends—just his banter with Nick afterwards would have been enough to put the audience in stitches.

Results are the lifeblood for any Thursday morning, and this one is no different.  Dave Fenley was the first person to learn he’s made it to the semi-finals.  Shocked by America’s good sense, it was less reassuring than predictable when Catapult Enetertainment earned the next spot.  In a match-up that made the audience boo, D’Angelo & Amanda were pit up against little sister Ruby & Jonas for the third slot.  D’Angelo & Amanda deserved the spot they earned but that young man didn’t deserve to be given that honor in front of his teary little sister.  Ruby & Jonas could have been put with any other group for that.  For some reason the insanity didn’t stop there—Nick tried repeatedly to make the siblings say they were okay with the results, but D’Angelo was appropriately heartbroken for his little sister.  Perhaps NBC couldn’t resist trying to milk the moment for drama, classless as it sounds.  Duo Resonance and John Wing’s fate was left up to the judges, and surprisingly John Wing was given the last spot.  As Heidi Klum was the only one to vote for the lovers, she decided to use her wildcard Pick on Duo Resonance.  Mel B. decided to bring back Tone the Chiefroocca, leaving us to hope that Howie Mandel and Howard Stern make better choices next week.